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Full Version: New FFXI Job... The Dancer
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Revealed at TGS and covered by Famitsu, the first of the jobs of the next FFXI expansion, Wings of the Godess, is the Dancer. Also revealed is the release date for the expansion, 11-20-2007 and the expansion will go live on the servers on the 22nd.

From Google Translate
it announces also new job at the Mega theater!?

 'Sale day of God soldier of [huainaruhuantaji] XI' (play station 2, Xbox 360, Windows) extended data disk 4th feature '[huainaruhuantaji] XI Al shelf' decided on 2007 November 22nd. As for this, 2007 September 20th ~23 day (on the 20th, as for 21 days business day) at the Mega theater which is installed inside the booth of [sukuuea] [enitsukusu] those which become clear depending upon screening contents.

 Already, 'the play online', 'other than the commodity of the extended data disk single unit which has the disk of [huainaruhuantaji] XI', 'the play online', '[huainaruhuantaji] XI', furthermore contents of three extended data disks which are sold so far entered entirely, also” 'the play online/[huainaruhuantaji] XI' [vuana] [deirukorekushiyon]” is sold. The respective price is as follows.

'God soldier' extended data disk of [huainaruhuantaji] XI Al shelf
'Play online/[huainaruhuantaji] XI' [vuana] [deirukorekushiyon]

Play station 2 editions
4179 Yen [including tax]
8190 Yen [including tax]

Windws edition
Open price
Open price

Xbox 360 edition
4179 Yen [including tax]
8190 Yen [including tax]

 Furthermore, at the Mega theater 'image of the new job which is added with the God soldier of the Al shelf' was screened. Details convey future (2007 September 22nd publication schedule) with.

Take a step back in time and uncover the breathtaking mysteries surrounding Vana'diel's violent past when the long-awaited fourth installment in the ongoing FINAL FANTASY XI saga ships on November 20, 2007!

*Please note that while players may install and register the Wings of the Goddess expansion data in advance, the new content will be inaccessible until official service begins on Thursday, November 22.
i'll let you be the judge till i have more info


Dance > Dance = Reverberation?
Alish0wned again. You can't beat Knightsword's speed!
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Sep 20 2007, 08:30 PM) *
Alish0wned again. You can't beat Knightsword's speed!

damn do you know what happend? i looked at the post history on the portal page before i logged in =(
Duplicate topics merged and original topic posted to news archive.

If you guys submit news and it's taking a while for someone to approve it, send me a PM and I'll get it taken care of. I've been tied up lately and do not have the time on hand to attend to the site like I used to. I hope to get this issue taken care of soon, more to come on that.
finally some dancing in this game.
QUOTE(Alisha @ Sep 20 2007, 07:01 PM) *

She works hard for her money..... so hard for it honey....
Male dancer in action

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