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Full Version: 1-18-08 (Now Cloverfield)
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I'm just gonna guess every single person here has heard of this by now, if not,

Anyway I thought I'd share this, someone posted it on another forum, saying he got it off Ain't It Cool or whatever. Saved it to AT so I wouldn't leech his photobucket, a picture of the possible monster no one knows squat about yet (I'm guessing fanart, but pretty nifty still):

You guys are probably tired of all the speculation, and all that stuff, but I think it's a fun mystery, I love creative marketing like this. It sure as hell has me excited to see it, haha.

There was supposed to be a new trailer out today with Resident Evil, but I didn't go to watch.
I'm still hoping for Cthulhu as the monster and other forgotten ones as minions and not giant mutant whales.
WTF, isn't that the monster from final Fantasy 10? SIN.

Anway, I saw the trailer for this when I went to see transformers and it had me into it from the very first frame I'm definetly digging the way they're pushing the movie and quite frankly, we haven't had a good huge Monster destroying shit movie in awhile. Its good to see these type of films again and I eagerly awaiting to find out more about this. The monster looks pretty sweet!
There wasn't a new trailer for it at the theater I saw RE:E at. :/

That picture looks cool though, CRAB PEOPLE CRAB PEOPLE. Crabs rock total.
Official site is now up, with a new kickass high quality trailer for your viewing pleasure:

You get a quick glimpse of the monster (nothing extraordinary, but you do get to see how big it is), hints of smaller, parasitic creatures, and some kind of chestburster-esque scene going on a bit past the middle. Also, the awesome scene with the Army going after the monster.

Seriously, this movie looks badass, I can't wait. trophy.gif
I saw the new trailer this weekend at Beowulf (Which sucked grendels taint btw, don't waste your time.)

Even more hyped for the movie now! They also had a new one for "I am Legend", which I've been psyched for over a year now.

join the game.
I saw that trailer also on the PS3 last week and man it looks awesome...i like the camera view or something,makes it look like a Roadie type angle with better quality or something hehe...anyway it looks awesome.
Goin' tonight, will give a solid impression when I get back.

I been giddy all day. >_>
Just got back from seeing. It was entertaining. The visuals and sound was excellent. I was left wanting more, and a bit dissappointed because there won't be more, just rip offs from here on. I also wish the ending was not so "Blair Witch" too. But at least you know what happend and not standing there like WTF! Here its more like "maaaaaaaaaaan, did we win or what? I can't tell" and then someone says over your shoulder says "I think we lost." Sure it had a good story, and excuted it well for the type of direction the film took, but I believe all loose ends should be tied up by the end.

Maybe we get some type of DVD extra, or a website that tells us more about what just took place down the road.
Shit sucks, gave me a crazy ass headache too.

I'm planning to go see it later this week.
Ok my headache is dissipating, so I guess I can write some more. SPOILERS:

The problem was this; to me it was nothing more then a cheesy love story deep down. Rob is pretty much on a quest to rescue some broad he nailed across a city being rampaged by the monster.

You really have no idea what's going on with the movie unless you checked all the little websites, clues, etc. circulating the web. The main character is apparently vice president of something (I'm guessing Tagruato. . again, something only people who played detective would know about), but in the movie there is no mention of that at all, just "Rob is going to Japan, blah blah blah".

The first 20 minutes of the movie are so INSANELY boring, it's nothing more then a cheap party full of irritating people. They could of seriously used this part of the movie to shed some light on what company Rob was ACTUALLY working for, but it was just so boring. Then it just turned to 10 minutes of gossip about how Rob had the one night stand with the before mentioned chick.

So the monster comes out of no where, and starts rampaging across NYC. The awesome parts were seeing the army attacking the monster. . but even those parts lasted a grand total of 5 minutes or so. Also there ARE parasite like creatures that fall off the monster, but they rarely got any screen time. All I know is they made one chick explode after biting her.

But after all that, all it really was, was an irritating "I must go back and rescue that chick I screwed once, maybe I'll score again!" story. I was seriously thinking this movie wouldn't be like every other crappy movie as of late with that sort of story, but I was wrong.

But I'll give it this, the monster was seriously badass, along with the weird little crab things that were shedding off it. Too bad they weren't in a better storyline. Maybe I'm being too hard, but like Scan said, theres just too many open holes at the end (like who the hell got ahold of the video camera?). A sequel would seriously turn this to a pretty sweet movie series. Stuff like the whole deep sea drilling thing could come into play, and what happened to NYC afterwards. If not well . . meh.

If you can get someone to buy your ticket, go for it. Just be careful afterwards, my headache was rather nasty after the movie, and I felt somewhat nauseas (from the janky camera work).

*Edit* See, stuff like this is just so freakin' awesome (3 videos within the link in different languages), but none of it is mentioned, or explained in the movie:

Somehow it seems more thought was put into the whole Tagruato/ocean drilling platform thing, rather then the film.
I agree. Though I thought the part with the party was entertaining, but that is more so because I used to hang around people like that. To me it was pretty "real" and drew me in. And the part in the subway station and the camera guy being a bit insensitive to the situation with the "Guy lighting homeless people of fire." Lmao. I would have mention the same things like that if I were in that situation. So I had a bit of a personal attachment to the charactes, which is why I enjoyed the film a little more than others.

But thinking about it a little more the story should of wraped up differently. Like you said it was a love story and trying to rescue the chick. And since the film shows moments with those two characters before this happen and the action is recording over that, with some parts that not being recorded over. I think if that was the story the Rob and the girl reuniting after a horrific event, and add the video camera shooting it, then I think it would of made a better ending if the final part of the tape was the two's wedding. That would have given closure to the whole thing. You will know the actions of the characters meant something. But it seems they risked it all for nothing, and the girl was a whiney bitch. Using her cell phone to ask for help after she blew him off, and then again with the helicopter crash. I said "shut up, its all your fault!" That is what I did not like, it should of closed the story.
Yea man the camera work sucked more than Blair Witch Project. I walked out for a few minutes during the movie because I wasn't feeling so good. I wouldn't say it was a bad movie. Maybe if they didn't use the "home-made" video so much it would be a bit better. The monster was pretty cool and those little creatures that was falling off of it was pretty neat but overall it coulda been better.

Or maybe I was expecting too much...
Like all of you, I had issues with feeling groggy during the movie, and had to step out because of it for a minute. I didn't however think it was a bad movie. On the contrary, I liked it a lot. I was actually more into the whole idea of "Let's get the fuck out of here" as opposed to the "lets save the day!" story. I was alright with the underlined love story, because it did make it suspenseful to go back and what not. I can say even having done all the detective work, it doesn't seem to have a whole lot of signifigance to the movie itself. Not yet anyways. beigebigrazz.gif
They were doing it wrong!

See easy to take down with the right know how
Just saw it, I thought it was fuckin' awesome. Spoilers to follow, I suppose.

To me, the opening party sequence helped establish an "authentic" feel to the handycam perspective. It also had a part in building up the tension. Everyone in the theater knows something is going to happen, but when? Kind of like the insipid girl-talk section before the action in "Death Proof". After the monster attacks, there are a lot of "ohshiiiiiit" moments, like when the bridge gets smashed, the liberty head thing, the military rolling in the for the first time with tanks and bazookas and shit, etc. I thought there was a nice pacing between "lets run away and try and figure out wtf is happening to the city" and "oh crap there's a monster smashin shit!" parts.

The dialogue is pretty geniune, like Scan said, with the cameraman cracking stupid ass comments out of nervousness, etc. The whole "I gotta go back for Beth!" plot was a little cliche, but the party established them as longtime friends who had finally hooked up, so I think Rob's desire to save her was pretty believable. It was nice how the footage would occasionally slip to their date the day previous.

The monster designs were excellent, both big and small. The part with the little zergling guys in the sewer reminded me of the sewer section of Silent Hill beigelaugh.gif .

As far as the ending goes, I thought it was perfect. From the whole tense evac, to the helo crash, to Hud getting eaten by the monster, to the nuke dropping, a solid finale. They can't stop it with conventional weapons, so they gotta "drop the hammer" as it were. Nobody is fucking surviving that, and the bittersweet "I love you"'s from Rob and Beth masked by the rubble of the bridge crumbling was a great way to finish off. Nobody wins in the end, either all of NYC is flattened and the monster is dead, or they dropped the bomb for no good reason and it goes on to smash Rhode Island in Cloverfield 2: Quahog Rising.

Overall I give it ninja2.gif ninja2.gif ninja2.gif ninja2.gif 's and a mog.gif . Crushinator approved!
At the end of the credits, they played this little jingle.

Solid review crush, I agree!
Good find, Wir. Looks like they want a sequel after all!
A good writeup summary of the information you can glean from the viral promtion sites for the movie.

As best as I can figure, these are the general events that take place in the Cloverfield universe before the movie that everyone was all hyped up about. I may be wrong about it, and the story can get much more detailed, but I haven't found anywhere on the internet that has all the details, so I'm making one. JJ Abrams (the producer of the film) created several fictitious companies and characters, each with a website (the characters had myspaces, I believe) and "real" news and happenings about them that led up to the movie and were not in the actual film.

The story starts several million years ago, in the days of Pangaea (the landmass that existed before the continents split). There are two specific species in the ocean that share a parasitic relationship. First, there are tiny microscopic autotrophs (meaning they produce their own energy and don't have to eat) that give off excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals as waste. Then there is a species of parasites, which love to eat the autotrophs because they release all the substances needed for survival. At the end of the dinosaur era, according to many respected scientists, a meteor hit Earth, causing a tectonic shift, which separated Pangaea into our present-day continents. The splitting of the continents caused the two species two separate from each other. The autotrophs ended up in the Pacific Ocean (in a crevasse near Japan, maybe) and the parasites got stranded in a trench in the Atlantic, somewhere near New York. Both species continued to exist in their new environments, but the parasites never forgot their hunger for the autotrophs.

Fast forward to modern times. There is a new drink called Slusho. I'll let you read the history here click on the middle bubble, I think, or whatever one says history when highlighted. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? The autotroph from our previous paragraph. The drink is an instant hit in Japan, as it not only tastes good, but is also immensely good for people and makes them feel insanely happy. Plans are soon made to export this drink to other countries, and after a short while it takes America by storm, with three flavors only available here. Look at the myspaces I guess…also, somewhere I read that Yoshida was considering using public waterways to transport the "secret ingredient."

The parent company of the Slusho drink company is Tagruato, which is owned by Ganu Yoshida (the Slusho creator) and is also an oil company. Tagruato and some environmentalists called TidoWAVE have been butting heads for years. I'll let you read about both of them, if you want… The latest thing that they have been fighting about is Tagruato's deep-sea drilling, specifically one drilling station, the Chuai station off the coast of New York, which has the ability to dig several miles into the sea for oil. Anyway, after watching the general public pay no attention to their warnings about Tagruato, TidoWAVE attacks Ganu Yoshida (again, leader of Tagruato) and decides to attack the Chuai station. They fail to kill or dissuade Yoshida, and then this happens.

TidoWAVE is blamed for the attack. If you read the blogs that TidoWAVE posted, they apparently didn't do it. There's something about a problem with the attack, about how nothing is there but ocean when they arrive.

Someone asked me "If all of this is true, how come Slusho, Tagruato, and TidoWAVE aren't in the movie?" well…they are! Rob is going to Japan because he is the new VP of marketing for Slusho, and a few people are wearing their Slusho shirts. Jamie (who is only in the movie for the party scene) knows a guy who disappeared at Chuai before the "attack," and also a guy who works for TidoWAVE.

Anyways, my final theory: Tagruato awoke the Cloverfield monster (one of the "parasites") by digging it out of its dormancy. Either by the public waterways or the sewers, depending on if we shit the autotrophs out, or if Yoshida uses public waterways like he was considering (both of which drain into the ocean), the autotrophs reached the parasites (the big one and the little ones). Then the parasites followed the trail to New York. Somehow, the parasites realized that people might have the autotrophs in them, because we've all been drinking Slusho, so they start laying waste to us in order to get their food out of us. That brings us a little ways into the movie, and if you haven't seen it, you should…

Interesting facts:
•This movie is short at 84 minutes long. That's the approximate length of a DV film tape.
•There is currently a manga in Japan that is a prequel to this movie. It is about a worker for Tagruato.
•It is rumored that if you look at the poster with the headless Statue of Liberty, you can see the monster's face in the clouds.
•After the credits of the movie, you hear an audio recording. It's saying "it's still alive." But it says it backwards.
•Spongebob plays on a screen in the electronics shop.
•Wolfmother's song "The Joker and the Thief" is playing when the destruction begins. The first boom is heard just after the line "as they're standing in the field of clover…"

Interesting places:
Myspaces of:
•Robert Hawkins
•Jason Hawkins
•Beth McIntyre
•"Hud" Platt
•Marlena Diamond
•Lily Ford
•Jamie Lascano(hard to read)
tidoWAVE blog
All I can think of reading that is

Also I found this, another artists takes on the monster, interesting to compare it to the picture thats at the start of this thread

Good movie, but the backstory seems kind of stupid, I prefer how the movie doesn't give you any info

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