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Full Version: the orginazations of PSO
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Well, I think I finally have some direction
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Spy writes:

I was bored out of my mind at work so I began to outline the various organizations in the world of PSO, like the Lab, Administration, Military, etc. etc. and then continued on including some of the organizations I've though up include the Ironclad Corporation, The Enforcers, and Hydra to name a few.

In the outline I included what was known, leadership and structure, and their various motivations. With this information, I think I'm going to write up a PSO Roleplaying Sourceguide and publish it to the website.

To my knowledge, nobody else has attempted any such task, and it seems to be legitimately unique. Not only this, but a sourceguide, after getting circulated, could be used to springboard massive campaigns.

i think this is a very intresting idea. since so much of PSO's story is undefined. this could also allow Guilds to define themselves and what they stand for.

Hmm... So you mean it's like all these different "missing links" being filled in by a couple of guilds all over the place? Interesting..
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