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Dive has closed due to bandwidth concerns. Basically it got too many hits for the owner to afford, so he has decided to close it for good. The forum there is still live and will be that way for a while. It's a shame, there was a lot of info there, not to mention the collection of official pso art and fanart. I never did get into the "seret area" where some of the better pso images were contained.
Ya, I noticed their little good-bye message when I visited them the other day. I was a bit shocked when I saw it. A shame really. That place provided some pretty good information. I liked their graphical representation as well. Seems to be a trend among some of the popular PSO sites lately. v.v If I had the time and money, I'd gladly put up my own PSO-based site. Perhaps someday I guess... ;-) Anyhow, a fond farewell to that which was PSO Quest.
They were pretty cool, though I hardly ever went there. Too bad they're shutting down, as I've been looking for a site to replace... dare I say this... *cough*COUGH*PSOW*cough* Oh man... almost blew out a lung there...
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