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Full Version: Halo 3 Screenshot Thread
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Some pics of the madness.

First off Co-op campaign mode.

Say hello to one of the best weapons in the game, the Gravity Hammer. aka BAN HAMMER bash.gif

Ban hammer bans hard!

Out for a drive in the desert when some doods decide they want to play with us. ;0

Knightsword lays down some fire power in the scorpion tank while I mount the Scarab via grav lift and set them up the bomb.

Donkey's and Crush's view of the bbqsplosions I set.

Epic maneuvering!

Having a barbeque AT style. I'm the CHEF!

Some multiplayer slayer funz! Me and Crush putting in work on some nubz.

Me and Auronious dealing fast death.
Oh wow, that game looks beautiful. How'd you get such great shots?
The game itself actually lets you take screenshots from any saved film and then upload them to No fooling around with capture cards or anything!

I'll post some of mine tonight after work!
Fuckin', eh. I'm missing out on all this sexy Halo sexiness.

I'm in the process of becoming a Certified Banker (federal and state licensed). This shit is 10x more thought intensive than college, so I've got no time for anything (especially since you have to try and pass it on the first try). Having to wake up 6am doesn't help either. I've got my series 6 and 63 licenses so far. Getting my life insurance license now, so I'll consider picking up Halo after I finish up with that.
all these screenshots look fucking great, I can't wait to get in on this. with alittle luck, before the end of october.
Here's me in a Chopper immediately after plowing through 2 fools trying to get away on a mongoose. OWNED!

A cool shot of Wiryu. Check out the badass custom helmet!

Oh no, he's chargin his lazor!

And here's the results... from the point of view of my 'hog and my buddies inside untitled-2.gif DENIED

This one is great, I'm charging full tilt at the opponent with the AR, when he sticks me in the FACE with a plasma grenade...
(You can also see my cool custom armor in this shot.)

But I keep on hauling ass and go in for the BEAR HUG OF DEATH! Notice him vainly trying to jump away towards the wall.
No such luck, buddy!

That last pic is awesome, I seriously LOL. Watching him hugging the wall just did it for me haha.
Judging from these screens, and the videos I've seen, this game looks like loads of fun.
Energy sword to the face

Bringing home the flag.

Incoming spikes to the face.

Wait for it...


Sniper action.

Crush as the Master Chief.

Zio & Wiryu

QUOTE(donkeybeatz @ Sep 30 2007, 02:09 PM) *

Haha, this is the weirdest thing ever!
I didn't get this shot, but I saw it on wtf!? Its from the multiplayer map "High ground", not campaign mode...

Click to view attachment

haha i love that.

seriously though, this game is just too pretty.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Oct 1 2007, 02:47 PM) *
I didn't get this shot, but I saw it on wtf!? Its from the multiplayer map "High ground", not campaign mode...

Click to view attachment

According to gamefaqs, the katana is unlocked by getting all achievements and finding all skulls. @_@
Oh man, Who ever thought to put in the Replay function in this game deserves a sandwich of awesome.

and on the subject of sticky nades.

Check out my new Commando gear too!

Holy shit, that was the most amazing "never woulda believed it if i hadn't seen it" videos ever.
AT territories assault team. Move as a single unit and work together to destroy our foes!

From left to right its Zio, Donkey, Knightsword, and Crushinator.

Click to view attachment

Camp that flag, don't give them an inch till we own this base!

Click to view attachment
Red Apocalypse Team





Got to give the new map pack a spin today. They are pretty damn good! First up is "Standoff", a battle between two desert bunkers.

I start off by ruining AC's joyride.

We decide to make nice and team up for some off road action. Notice the awesome radar tower in the back, this stage looks amazing!

Crushinator ProTip: Don't drive off this ledge.

AC9Breaker: "I wonder what this lever does?" (It opens the blast doors on the bunkers for easy enemy access.)

"Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?"

This is a good sniper spot. If you look close you can see me atop the opposing bunker.

But you shouldn't remain camping there when a rocket comes hurtling towards you...

Next is Foundry, a nice mid-size map inside of a warehouse. In the default configuration its a fun mazelike map, but the real point of this one is basically a "canvas" for the Forge level editor. It has a lot of neat new stuff in it, including a soccer ball. Halo remake of PSO lobby soccer anyone?

Optimus Prime?


Last is Rat's Nest, a large map in an underground raceway of sorts, with cool tunnels in the middle of the "track" for close combat.

A cloaked AC lies in wait.

I'm hauling ass down the road, oblivious to AC's machinations.

Oh shit! Decloaked with the hammer in full swing!


After that, we decide to try an experiment. I set down a grav lift, and grab a ghost...
A daring jump right over AC's head!

And he nails me perfectly with the hammer! Everything is going to plan.

Check out the contrails of my awesome flight path.

LOL@the last one.

"Do a barrel roll!"
This is pretty old but not everyone has seen it.

Oh snap, how did you get the video on Youtube?
I just ran the video out on the 360 into the video card of my PC. The quality is not that good since its composite but it serves its purpose.
Hel yeh, that is one of my favorite Spartan Laser shots ever buttrock.gif I rule.

Thanks for uploading the vid, Donkey.
Crush, AC, Knightsword, and I got on to play some Grifball last night. Basically, there's a ball (technically a bomb) in the middle of the map and all you have to do is bring it in the goal on the opposing side. Think PSO soccer but with actual gameplay. Its 4 vs 4 and the only weapons you have are the hammer and the plasmasword.

The AT crew represent.

OOHHHH crush gets hammered.

Its all about flying corpses

Crushinator double kill

Crush gets the ball but will he make it?

...not before he knocks someone out first

Ok my turn to take it in the endzone.

I don't make it

OK lets try again. Here the others form a 3 man defense.

A lane was created but will I make it?

Taking it to the house!


This is the most fun I've had in this game in a long ass while and I didn't really think I would pop in the halo disc again after all this time.
Awesome screens and play-by-play, Donkey! buttrock.gif

Grifball is truly amazing, so much fun. BOX EM IN! GOOOOALLLL!
Hells yeah, lots of fun that night. We should do it again. I was checking around and noticed the guys from rooster teeth host games and have their own league of sorts. Maybe we could try doing some of that.
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