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Vitamin D
First off, we all know that the JP Illuminus dropped yesterday. That isn't the only exciting news in the world of PSU however. First today's big update from the official site.

Co-Op Mission "True Darkness".

Although the GUARDIANS have cleared the HIVE central control room, the Dulk Fakis that resided there has rerouted the A-Photon power conduits to resurrect itself in a new section of the HIVE. From the Dallgun Viewing Plaza, return to the HIVE and explore the lightless chambers filled with SEED-Form spawn. Alone or side-by-side with your fellow GUARDIANS, face the evolved Dulk Fakis and his world-smashing fury!

Even more exciting is new Photon Arts were released as well!

New Ultimate Photon Arts Available!

Looking to add some new tricks to your combat repertoire? Trade in your PA fragments for new arts available from the item exchange missions located at the GUARDIANS branches on Parum, Moatoob, and Neudaiz.
Skill License

* Gravity Break
* Dus Majarra
* Anga Jabroga
* Spinning Strike
* Hikai Shuha-zan

Bullet License

* Mayalee Shot
* Barada Chamga
* Masei-sou
* Boma Duranga
* Phantasm Prism
* Twin Penetration
* Penetrating Hit
* Yak Maga
* Masei-shiki


* Regrant
* Megistar

But wait... there's more! Announced just yesterday is the US version of the Famitsu Cup, the 1 UP Cup! Also from the Official site:

The 1Up Platinum Cup is headed to the Xbox 360, PC, and PS2 servers on October 19th! This exciting global event is a partnership between and Gurhal Channel 5, and will take place in a virutal space: VR Gurhal. This event will be your only chance to pick up some of the rarest and most desired items of Phantasy Star Universe.

GUARDIANS will undertake missions and be evaluated on their intuition, friendship, endurance, and luck. These missions are extremely fun and will truly test GUARDIANS and their ability to perform under pressure. Strive to be the best and achieve the rank of "Platinum Perfect" and a prize so awesome, we can't talk about it here!

I just finished reinstalling US version of PSU, LOL. I seriously thought we would never get the cup event. This is jawesome. guitarist.gif
I was gonna post this yesterday haha but yea awesome news.
Question is... who is actually going to play?
Looks great! I definetly want to do some High-exp quests to level up before the expansion comes out.

How many players is the co-op quest?
I'll play as long as you all are. I hopped on a few times the last few weeks and just leveled some PA's on B rank missions, hehe.
Vitamin D
Well I bought the new sword, dagger, saber, and spear PAs. I just need the Axe one too, but it's 99, I didn't have enough. I'll be leveling those PAs and giving the new Co-Op a run. I'd assume it's 6 people for the Co-Op, but I'm not sure. I hear it's real short and you fight Fakis at the end. Be cool to give it a run some time. I wont be on until later tonight, but tomorrow I'd have more time. In either case, I'm down for whatever haha.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Sep 28 2007, 04:32 PM) *
Looks great! I definetly want to do some High-exp quests to level up before the expansion comes out.

How many players is the co-op quest?

You can have 6 players. It's only 2 blocks and you fight Fakis at the end.
Need to be lv85 to do S.
Actually you only have to be level 55 for S, 85 is for S2. Need 3 people to get S rank. I renewed my account for some reason to check it out, its kinda sad how empty this game is nowadays, the highest I've seen Uni 2 is at 3 stars...

Edit: Forgot to mention, the expansion has the best feature ever. You can convert learned PAs back into discs, which retain the PA level on the disc, and can be traded between your characters. Suddenly playing a human doesn't seem so silly, you can max everything on one character now!
So is anyone gonna get on this? I'll most likely be on tonight and tomorrow.
I renewed just for this event, I hope it doesn't suck. I'll probably be on as soon as the servers go up at 5am whatever
I'm still down like a clown with a frown from out of town. Just message me when you all are on.
I'll be on as soon as servers go up and got Gravity Break to level 11 yesterday for this puppy. I suggest we hit up moatoob first. >_>
Vitamin D
Well of course I'm down.

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