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Full Version: The Legend of Zelda
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As you may or may not know, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass dropped yesterday. It is one of the first games to have controls as only the stylus, and while this may seem shitty, it actually works very well for the game. As a matter of fact, I'd go as far to say the game would be worse if it wasn't like this. For example, you have your boomerang, and there is a target to hit on the other side of a wall; You can trace the path you want your boomerang to take to go around the wall and hit the target. Very effective use of the DS if I do say so myself. Also, slashing maneuvers using the stylus are pretty sweet. All together, very intuitive.

As far as everything else goes, we have the wind waker style link going on in this game, which in my opinion is a great fit for DS. It's a familiar formula if you've played any zelda game before, get new items and weapons, collect rupies, defeat bosses, etc. It just never gets old for me. That's not all, you can also link up with a friend and play in a 'four swords' style! Except it's more like two swords. I'd totally suggest running out and getting this game, only 35 bucks!
Vitamin D
Shit some Zelda fan I am, I forgot Phantom Hourglass came out haha. I'mma have to cop it tommorow. Glad to hear the controls work really well, I can't wait to give it a play. levelup.png
I'll get this tomorrow when i get PAIIIIID.
I got a chance to try out multiplayer. It looks like instead of playing the main adventure game together, you play a little mini game of "capture the triforce pieces" instead. You take turns playing as link or controlling armor guys. As link, you try to sneak heavy triforce pieces back to your area. As the armor guys, you try to catch link in the act and brutally cut him down. It's fun, but not quite what I was expecting when it claimed multiplayer features.
Making a memo on my map using the touch screen...
LOL Great memo.

I'm really loving the game so far. Its totally blowing my expectations so far and getting pretty addictive. Just finished the first dungeon, the puzzles where great. I'm disappointed though at the lack of depth in the first dungeon. I hope the next prove to be more challenging.
I finally got paid today, so I can pick this up! I'll get it at the game store tomorrow when I grab Orange Box.
The last boss is finished, now its time to finish the game
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