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I've been keeping my eye on this game for a while now and even had it on reserve. Finally went and picked it up yesterday and holy crap how awesome. I've yet to go online, but I'm sure offline has proven how awesome it will be. I've been doing the games campaign and man this game makes Halo 3 on legendary look like Barbies Pony adventure. Its soooooooooo freaking hard, the enemy AI is really smart! They will set up ambushes, flank with sun at their back, set up decoys, throw back your own grenades at you, lay down covering file while their allies advance and try to flank you and rush you with the appropiate weapons, ex: Shotgun. Usually with a flash bang grenade so as to get you while you least expect it.

The story is also pretty awesome. You play the role of 2 soldiers and alternate between them after missions. One is "soap" member of the legendary special British force S.A.S. These guys are bad mutherfucking ass. If you need shit to be killed, these are the guys to call, they do shit bloody proper right.

The other unit you command is Sgt Jackson of the the American Marine Corps. These guys aren't called devil dogs for no reason as the marines you take place in an assualt in some middle eastern province which literally looks like hell itself. Bullets rain everywhere you go, peppered with grenades, flash bombs and RPGs. its so intense. Then there is a black hawk down esque moment, where you guys get a bird down and its up to your unit to rescue the man against literally the whole city. Insane is a total fucking understatement.

Anyway doods, in the words of kaz, PICK IT UP!

I'll get this today, lets get some multiplayer cracking tonight!

Is there online co-op for the story mode?
aw man I have to pick up ANOTHER game? I'll sit this one out for now.

EDIT: Ah screw it, I'll pick it up later.
beigelaugh.gif You can't deny all the cool games that are coming out... you must cave in eventually!
in the next two weeks assassins creed and mass effect. For our MMO crowds, PSU and FFXI........we're gonna be busy and poor man. D:
Sorry, meant to answer your question earlier Crush but got sidetracked then ended up going to work. No online Co-op. which is a pretty drag, but none the less there seem to be a bunch of different modes to play online. I estimated at least 10 different gametypes.

also remember this:

Distinct styles of play require distinct classes boasting unique weaponry, equipment, and abilities. Standard classes like Assault, Special Ops, Heavy Gunner, Demolitions, and Sniper fill out the classic roles, but far more impressive is the ability to custom craft your own class. This involves selecting:

* Primary Weapon: Assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles make up your primary categories. Of course, within each category lies a suite of authentic weaponry to choose from (such as the M16A4 assault rifle and M60E4 light machine gun).
* Sidearm: These of course are pistols, which include the M9, USP .45, and M1911 Colt .45.
* Special Grenade: Frag, smoke, and stun grenades are the order of the day here.
* Perk: Here's where things get really interesting and shift the differences between classes well beyond just equipment. Each class is allowed three Perks, which include, among other special abilities:
* Juggernaut: Increases your overall health, which helps immensely in surviving those one-on-one encounters with the enemy.
* Sonic Boom: Gives explosives extra kick for greater damage.
* Deep Impact: Bullets pierce heavier, thicker obstacles than normal.
* C4x2: Allows the use of remote-detonated C4 explosives.

Custom created classes on their own separates Call of Duty 4 from nearly any other multiplayer shooter. Their use and implementation go a long way towards immersing the player into their own unique soldier's role.

and yeah, its totally awesome game season. I'm gonna see if I can try picking up Assassin Creed come launch day.
Yeah, I just got off some multiplayer action. I played the beta so I knew what to expect, but its still a big change going from so much Halo 3 lately. You're not as tough as a spartan, thats for sure beigelaugh.gif . The multiplayer is a lot more methodical, you can't just go rambo into anything or you'll get owned.

Only Private 2nd class now, but I'll get that rank up soon enough! I just love seeing experience points pop up outta fools when I blast em.
Yeah its really tactical. Especially playing as a sniper which is what I've been doing. Doods with the assault rifles and heavy machine guns can be a bit more Ramboish but it still relies a lot on cover. More so then gears of war since some cover can still be shot through. I finally beat offline campaign mode and man what a fucking awesome ride it was.

Hit Lance Corporal rank 2 tonight and unlocked create a class. Can't wait to try unlocking the weapon upgrades and objective based game types.
Ok I'm finally gonna be free to really get into the multiplayer tonight. Lets do this!
Everyone else needs to stop [slacks]ing and pick this game up! Donkey, AC and I have been playing almost every night, this game is just too tight! The multiplayer is super intense, and requires so much teamwork.

Hell yeah. It's way more tactical than Halo Tree.
I picked up this game a few days ago and been having a good time. Its different from the other FPS games I've played namely because of its "RPG" elements. It still retains the flow and action of a real FPS game. And the little jingle they play when you level up is awesome levelup.png
AND theres like 1980983 modes of gameplay.
Oddies da Nerfed
Working on it damnit! Pay days do not come quick enough.
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