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Full Version: No More Heroes
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New Wii adventure game from Grasshopper Manufacture and director Suda51 (Killer 7, Contact, Michigan, Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked). US release is in February.

I can't wait for this game! This looks to follow in the same postmodern, meta, satirical footsteps of Killer 7, of which I'm a huge fan. The gameplay is open-world GTA-sandbox style, with wiimote powered lightsaber combat (Finally!) and of lots if weird minigame activity stuff to do.
Was he talking to me just now???
Too many good games coming out and so little money.
Well, that little intro certainly peaked my interest. It opened up like an anime, and less like a movie/cinematic.
The game seems like an interesting premise.
Vitamin D
I saw this game way back and I thought it looked pretty cool. I didn't know when it was coming out, but it seems to be pretty soon. And within the next few weeks I'll have my Wii (GET) and I plan to pick up this game as well. guitarist.gif

Note fapping motion required to recharge the light saber beigelaugh.gif . This game owns too hard.
"If I become number one, will ya do it with me?" beigelaugh.gif
I love how the save point is the bathroom and he takes a dump everytime he saves haha.
Vitamin D
In case you guys didn't know, this game did indeed ship today. I had no idea myself, but luckily my buddy called me up to say it was awesome. So I went by his place to check it out. It is indeed awesome haha. I didn't play for too long but for what I did play it was incredible. I can't buy it until Friday, but I am for sure gonna grab a copy and you guys should too. It's a truly unique and awesome experience, I wouldn't pass on this if you're a Wii owner. guitarist.gif
I just got home with mine now, about to pop it in!

"FUCK HEADS!" guitarist.gif
Holy shit the game is insanely awesome! :O 2nd great game on the Wii. buttrock.gif
Alright, just finished it a few minutes ago. Official Crushinator review:

This game has some MAJOR issues which keep it from being absolutely perfect. Most of them stem from the "open world" parts of the game. Most previews/hype for the game touted it as being a "sandbox" type game, so of course one would expect a living, breathing, interactive world like what we are used to in other sandbox games such as Crackdown, GTA, and Assassin's Creed. Not so much in NMH.
The city is basically a glorified map screen, there are barely any people or cars around and you can't interact with them at all (You don't even wreck when you crash into a car, you just kinda stop.) Its basically a means to get from one location to another, which I feel could have been better served by just letting me pick the damn locations on a menu. There's serious pop-in (I'm talking like 10 feet in front of you then all the sudden a fence or mailbox or whatever appears), and the graphics, quite frankly, look like shit in the city. I'm talking near PSOne/N64 textures here, massive jaggies/shimmering, and weird framerate drops. Thankfully those graphic hitches aren't apparent in the actual "stages" or cutscenes.

Crushinator PROTip: While on the motorcycle, tilt the wiimote left or right and press B to do a powerslide in that direction, its much better for turning than using the analog stick.

That brings me to the basic way the game is set up. To compete in each successive battle to be the #1 rank assassin, you must pay an entry fee, which increases with each rank. To earn this money, plus money for upgrades to your saber, training for new moves, and clothing to customize your character, you have to do "part time jobs" and side-job assassination missions. So the structure for each of the 10 "segments" of the game goes the same way: New Part Time Job > Side Job Assassinations (repeat the side jobs and assassinations until you have enough money) > Stage > Boss Fight. Rinse and repeat. The part time jobs are your typical pointless wii-minigame style affairs. Pick up litter, clean up graffitti, cut grass, other stupid shit like that which is completely un-fun and doesn't earn you very much money for the time it takes.

The assassination missions are where the real easy money is, but they have a failing that affects ALL missions in the game. And that is that once you get the mission, you have to drive through the city to the mission location, then do it. Makes sense. But if you fail it kicks you back onto the street where the mission location was, but you CAN'T JUST GO BACK IN AND RESTART IT. You need to drive all the way back to the mission-giving location, and then all the way back to try it again. Its completely pointless, especially in a game like this where each event uses unexpected controls and sometimes unclear goals, so its almost expected you will fail the mission/job at least once.

Crushinator PROTip: Assassination Gig 18 is the best for making money, not only because of the big payout, but because its across the street from the Bureau, so you don't need to go far to repeat it easily.

Once you get enough money to challenge the boss, you go to their "Stage" area, which are unexpectly short (like usually 3-6 minutes long), and the common enemies you fight there are easy as hell. There's very little variety with the normal enemies, just "thug with fists", "thug with gun", "thug with sword", etc. They all look the same, and are little more than foil for your cool death strikes and wrestling throws. If all fights were like this, then it would be a shame because the combat is where the game truly shines. I've never played a Wii game that actually got me so into the motion controls, and none of the movements are stupid senseless bullshit like so many Wii games have.

The A button is your attack, just jam on it to unleash combos. When the enemy's life is almost gone, it will freeze the action and indicate a direction for you to swing the remote, which results in a deathblow. When you successfully pull one off, then it starts a slot machine, and if you line up the slots you enter "dark side" mode with one of 5 different awesome killing powers with names like "Rasperry Sundae Surprise!" You can also use the B button for stun moves that dizzy the enemies and open them up for wrestling moves, where you have to move the wiimote and nunchuck at the same time to finish the throw.

The real meat of the game is the boss fights. It feels almost like Shadow of the Colossus in this regard, where everything else in the game is just pointless pap, and the bosses are completely epic and overshadow all the other gameplay. No boss encounter is the same, each one requires you to employ a new tactic or gameplay style to win. They are all pretty damn intense (keep in mind I was playing on "mild" difficulty from the beginning, not the easier "sweet"), lasting close to 10-15+ minutes per boss. It strikes a great balance between oldschool "watch the boss's pattern" and "what the hell, I never expected to have to do that" gameplay. And you get pure satisfaction when you finally beat them.

If it wasn't completely obvious from the trailers and such, the game has style out the wazoo too. Its an amazing collage of 1980's videogame interfaces, insane manga-style characters, post-modern storytelling, and contemporary America west-coast setting. The dialogue, cutscenes, humor, music, over-the-type violence and sexuality all make the presentation a delight to watch. The story doesn't really get interesting till the last few hours of the game (It took me about 15 to finish it), but the combo of intense boss fights and cool and funny cutscenes kept me plugging along, regardless.

Even if it seems like there is more wrong with the game than right, what it does right it does so well that I can almost completely overlook its failings.
A sequel will be a must have. Suda51 am god. Grasshopper delivers again. If you have a Wii you must play this game, a true modern classic.
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