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Full Version: ATHQ 5 Year Anniversary
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The Apocalypse Tribe is proud to announce that it is now the five year anniversary of ATHQ!
Arising from a handful of other incarnations, this site was launched on December 10th, 2002. AT had existed prior to this website, but this site became and has been our steady home for the past five years. I salute everyone's dedication and motivation to keep the site and the spirit of AT alive.

Here's to countless more years of ATHQ and the AT! toast.gif


That actually brought a tear to my eye. So many fond memories in all these years.
Dude! SWAWESOME! Hahaha. Very cool vid. Totally unexpected. Those were some good times. Still representing even on XBL.

Here's to many more years of AT toast.gif

and now for another 5 years to great times, people, and gaming! (In which I will double this cheer!) :D

Really awesome video dive! Congratulations everyone. ;)
Cheers to The Apocalypse Tribe, may it last for many more years
QUOTE(Knightsword @ Dec 11 2007, 11:41 AM) *
Cheers to The Apocalypse Tribe, may it last for many more years

Holy shit, that was Fucking Epic!

All hail the Supreme Apocalypse Tribe. May it continue to flourish and grow here, and within us all.
Hahaha dude, that was so freakin' awesome! I didn't realize how much history there was there till now.

Good stuff man, hope we're all still around for another one of these. beigesmile.gif
Vitamin D
DUDE that was God/Epic++ haha. I didn't see that coming at all. Man good times indeed, here's to many more years with the AT crew! toast.gif
Holy shit, that was amazing! Who would have thought that we'd still be together after all these years.

AT will dominate for another 5 years, to infinity and beyond! buttrock.gif
Seriously, AT's been around longer then most marriages.

None the less, WE ROCK!
I couldn't imagine myself belonging anywhere else *firm salute as a tear rolls down cheek*
toast.gif awesome is the only word that comes to mind to describe that cry2.gif
wow its almost hard to believe i've known some of you guys that long. hopfully 5 more years to come!

edit:actually ive know some of you more than 5 years since according to wikipedia ver2 came out in sept 2001 D:
Man I wish I could watch videos on my sidekick. =( Its funny because I remember telling a couple of the guys on call of duty 4; while waiting for a game, that it was the AT anniversary.

In any case I'm so glad to have had the oppertunity to know you guys and toast the bottle of vitamen water I'm drinking now to the future of AT. That we may continue to rock out with our cocks out for many more years to come.
Oddies da Nerfed
Wow 5 years or more awesome hehe,grats AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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