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Full Version: One more to join the 360 crowd
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This evening, I was at circuit city with my family, and I was looking at some games and I was like "If I ever got the thing, the one game I'd want would be Mass Effect." And then my mom was all "why don't you buy yourself a game?" and I was all "you're not suggesting anything, are you?"

So yeah, after the 24th of December, I will be amongst the proud XBox 360 owners. I picked up Halo 3 and Mass Effect, though I can't play them till Christmas.
Good to hear man, be sure to ask Santa for some MS funbucks (Points) cards as stocking stuffers so you can pick up the new Halo 3 maps too. guitarist.gif

And get COD4!
bad ass! welcome to the 360 ranks! AT continues to rule the internet lands! :D
Hell Yeh! Most definetly gotta pick up CoD 4 man. Halo 3 is great but CoD 4 is a whole different kind of beast.
With so much great stuff coming down the pike next year, it was hard to pass up.
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