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Full Version: Final Fantasy is 20!
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Well, yesterday marked the release of the original Final Fantasy in Japan.

I know we've all played it, so I thought it would be interesting to see how it came into everyone's lives.

I remember my first encounter with Final Fantasy quite well. I had my first (and so far only) operation when I was 9, and a couple days after, my dad got me FF1. I thought it was OK, but I kinda sucked at it since I wasn't really all that into RPGs. I'd played Dragon Warrior before, and thought it was cool too, but I was more into games like Mario and Mega Man.

I didn't really get hooked on FF, and RPGs in general until the next year with FF4 (or FF2 as we knew it back in the day). I remember having a really difficult time at the end with Zeromus. No matter what I did, I simply could not beat the bastard. When I finally won, I was so happy, I felt like I'd won the lottery or something.

Over the years, FF has taught many a thing. Hell, Final Fantasy even helped improve my reading skills, and as a result I was reading at a post-high school level by the time I was in sixth grade. It also taught me to get back up no matter how many times your foe "knocked you all down." It also helped to show me that no matter how shitty things may seem, it's always darkest before dawn.
never played FF1. my first encounter with the final fantasy series was the final fantasy 8 demo lol.
My first random encounter with Final Fantasy was with VI, at the time called III, on the Super Nintendo. in fact it was my 1st game for it (excluding Super Mario World and Star Fox that came with the system) I must have had close a thousand hours from the many times I played through it. VI still remains my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time and I hope it too will get the remake treatment it deserves.
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