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Full Version: Duke Nukem Forever 2007 Teaser!
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3D Realms just debuted a new traile for DNF, while it doesn't look the BEST graphically, its still got me hyped. And Duke is the shit. DN3D is still an amazing game to play.

I'll be first in line to buy this (whenever) it comes out. Maybe 2008 is the year?

Hi-res QT download:

Also, for funsies, here are the old trailers.



The omen is clear the world is over! Repent! Repent!
So, they went from awesome (at the time) several minute long trailers composed entirely of in game footage, to a about 4 seconds of teaser footage that either looks like CG, or that it'll require a 5000 dollar computer to run the game when more than 1 enemy is in view

I'm not impressed
I'll believe it when I'm playing it... preferably NOT while having to buy a $5000 computer.
The graphics look like spiffed up Doom 3, which hardly needs a $5000 rig to play. I don't know where you guys are pulling that number out of? You could build a killer directx 10 budget gaming desktop for about $1000-1300 easy.

And I'm talking Quad-Core CPU, 8800GT, here. Not shitty cut-rate prog and last-gen video graphics.

I just built up a new computer this minute newegg with:
Core 2 Duo Q6600 Quad 2.4ghz
2x 1 Gig Corsair Highspeed gaming ram
WD 500g SATA hard drive
DVDRW Lightscribe
Asus P5B-VM SE motherboard
EVGA 8800GT 512mb version
750W power supply
Windows Vista Ultimate

Bottom line: $1252

And if you're feeling hebrew, you can scale back the CPU to a dual core and nix the vista and still have a kickass computer for under $1000 bones.
Crush is right. The only time you'd ever need $5000 for a computer is if you're an online chess player and you need the AI you use to cheat to get smarter by having a better computer. That's the ONLY time.

I liked the trailer! Of course it doesn't have in game stuff, it's a teaser trailer. They just want to put the word out before releasing a game play trailer sometime later. Early hype!
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