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Full Version: Jet Grind Radio custom graffiti
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Does anyone remember this thread?

Ever since I learned that I can actually capture shit on my video card, I wanted to record some stuff off of older games like PSO and JGR. Then I thought, "Damn wouldn't it be cool to have some video montage of all the custom graffiti I did in JGR?" Unfortunately, I don't have the original graffiti save files anymore so I had to remake some stuff out of scratch. Anyway....

I'm trying to get more tags done. If you guys have any requests, please post some here. Keep in mind that the in-game graffiti creation tool is pretty primitive. Also, its really hard to do anything precise. You only get 2 layers of workspace and the colors are pretty limited. As long as the image isn't uber complicated, I think I can manage.

Right now, an image of the ORLY owl is making me laugh right now.
I think this can be a really fun project.
Hahahahahaha that's some great stuff bro.
Very cool. What video card are you using to capture?
That was badass man, for saying it was a primitive thing to play around with, the HUmar came out awesome.

Uhhh requests, I'll think of something. toast.gif
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Dec 21 2007, 11:03 PM) *
Very cool. What video card are you using to capture?

I'm using the s-video input on a Geforce 7800GT.

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