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Full Version: Happy Newww 2008 Year or somethingg
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Yeahhhhh mannnnn this year went off with an MF'n bizangg mangg.
2008 should be a great year.

Happy new year dodes@ wassup.gif dj.gif levelup.png levelup.png untitled-2.gif untitled-2.gif buttrock.gif buttrock.gif buttrock.gif buttrock.gif buttrock.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif purzeltag.gif
I worked from 8am(cst) monday to 4pm, went to a friends place from there to another friends for a party, at about 11pm I get called by work saying no one will come in for a over night shift thats open cause the idiot that works it got arrested for DUI, so I've been stuck at work since 1am (cst) to now (going on 10am cst) with only the 6 or so hours of sleep I had on sunday night
Vitamin D
Hell yeah man, New Years Eve was the SHIT son! Here's to a dope 2008 AT! levelup.png toast.gif
Wooo new year party woooooooooO!!!! AT 4 EVA

rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif toast.gif at-emote2.gif at-emote1.gif dj.gif rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif rappy-walk.gif
Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone has a great 2008.
happy new year. I think after last night i'll climb into bed and see you all in 2009.
New Years in Vegas should be all you need to know on how well it went here. toast.gif

Here's to an awesome 2008!
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