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Full Version: Random Newman Question
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I have a fairly random question, and I'm kind of too lazy to go looking for the answer myself ^^;

Does anyone know if Newmans can reproduce sexually, or if they are all genetically created? I'm going to be writing a fanfic eventually and want to know if my FOnewearl should have natural parents, or adopted human parents
If they can't reproduce sexually then that just makes them more popular.
*ba dum dump* (Sound of a drum at a comedy club)
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Well they were made to work like humans so I'd say yeah it is possible.
QUOTE (Nani-chan @ Jun 7 2003, 01:11 AM)
If they can't reproduce sexually then that just makes them more popular.
*ba dum dump* (Sound of a drum at a comedy club)
*Yakko Impression* <.<;; Goodnight Everybody king.gif


I didn't know newmans were engineered to begin with. o.O I never really got into the PS series all that much, so I'm not really able to draw any links from the RPG series to PSO. I know that Falz has been around for a long time, and some enemies like the Chaos Bringer have been in some of the previous games, but as for the newman reproduction, I have no clue. I suppose our HUnewearl extraordinaire, Layrinn, can add some insight to this topic as soon as he gets back from his "vacation.' ;-)
One would think that they can, since Paganini is Hopkins' father. Maybe newmans were simply engineered a long time ago, and were allowed to reproduce on their own later on.
In the old days they were genetically engineered. i've played through PS2 and PS4, but didn't pay as much attntion as i should. Nei was genetically engineered aswell as most other Newmans, but if i remember rightly Alys had parents (not Alis, this is a different case), which she mourned for if you played the first adn second visits to motavia right (the second time you avoid the Zio encounter) when you visited the graveyard, but this could have been Han........ i think it depends on the case, as some do reproduce properly, but otehrs are just created, they kidn of cross the barrier between one and the other, in that they can be created by artificial means, but they can also be produced by parents. then again they may just see their creator's as parents, rather than have actual parents.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Jun 7 2003, 07:31 AM)
One would think that they can, since Paganini is Hopkins' father

*falls over*

Damn, the answer was so obvious! beigebiggrin.gif
Dangit, now my whole speech saying basically "who knows" went to nothing...... lol but at least i got to show off that i played the original PS'es!!lol also motavia is where Prophet's of Motav are from...... more PS-PSO knowledge i have lol
well crush took all the fun out of this, but anyway....

in the real world, certain cross-bred animals are born sterile, while this doesn't directly have anything to do with newmans, i though it was an intresting tidbit to contribute.
It's not so much the sterility that got me spurting laugther everywhere, nor is it the fact that peopel cross-breed animals (i immediately thougth species, rather than like dogs e.t.c), just the fact that you know this lot lol.
Yeah, mules (half horse half donkey if I'm not mistaken) and ligers (half lion half tiger) are among the types of animals that can be cross-bred, but can't breed on their own.
In the off line quests, when you take the whole tell Sue you name route, you can talk to her on P2, she often talks about being geneticaly made and about a newmen's lifespan. So I think both ways are possible. As a note just because Hopkins refers to Paganini as father does not mean he's his biological father.
Angel of Enders
If I was Hopkin's father I wouldn't even acknowledge him as a son personally...
I thought the whole statement about a Newman's Life Span was confusing at first, but the way I see it, I guess that the original newmans were genetically engineered and the others could have offspring but their life spasn was undetermined. Now I've gone and gotten myself more confused. wassup.gif
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