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Full Version: 360 This week.
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The super trippy Trance like rail Shooter by Sega, Rez is finally released on Xbox live Arcade.
I recommend some of you doods read this write up from the doods over at Kotaku. i thought it was a good impression and I was playing with a 2nd controller on my feet. I didn't get a stiffy though. untitled-2.gif

Also some new Animu by the name of Withcblade is being promoted with the first episode being free. It didn't seem that interesting to me, the main charcter has some huge tits but what else is new.
some info from wikipedia
I loved Rez on DC and PS2, but HOLY SHIT the HD version looks stunning, really takes the visuals to a new level. This version includes all the features of the other versions (Beyond Mode, Score Attack, Direct Assault, etc) plus online leaderboards and the ability to save replays. At $10 there is no reason at ALL to pass this up.

Also don't forget Devil May Cry 4 is out on Tuesday! guns.gif
I'm grabbing Turok and DMC4 this week,selling a few games in the process...i'm coming close to get REZ but i'm not that good at that type of games and i might get stuck on level 2 even(from what i read over at GAF) how do you sell a virtual game again??? ;)
Hahaha, what? How you can you get stuck on Rez? I don't think I've ever died once in that game in the dozens of times i've played it...

Except as the Morolian because you only get one hit point.
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