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Full Version: Lost Odyssey
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So for some reason I've been thinking about getting this game. The trailer really impressed me and I've heard the story really grabs you once you get into it. Anyone have any thoughts on this game?
It looks interesting, I might get it when the price drops. I haven't played a JRPG since FF12 so maybe it will be a nice change of pace. Too into DMC4 and Burnout Paradise now to get into a game that time consuming, though.
Vitamin D
My brother had picked it up yesterday, and it seems pretty sweet. It's your typical JRPG experience, just a LOT prettier haha. Mistwalker seems to want to separate themselves from Square Enix, but the game clearly shows that the Square Enix influence is very much intact. I mean, this game IS a FF game, just with a different name, just like Blue Dragon is definitely a Dragon Quest game. I haven't played it yet myself, but it seems fairly interesting. I have too many games to play (Mario, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Nights,Virtua Fighter, DMC 4, Blue Dragon, Naruto...) so I'm narrowing down what I play, so I'll be finishing Blue Dragon before I try it (if you see someone playing Lost Odyssey on Live, that's my brother haha). Anyway, once it's been delved more into I'll let you know more about it.
I'd try this one myself, but I got no monies thanks to my unborn nephew.
wow, I fucking love this game. I went and picked it up yesterday and I have to say its a pretty powerful game but its definitely not for everyone. The world in which the game takes place in is so fully thought out, so well realized, it will totally immerse you if your into this kind of stuff. The games story sinks its teeth in you 2 hours into it, but I was hooked way before that. When I unlocked my first memory. These memories (so far I only have 2) are basically walls of text but man are they very well written walls of text. I consider them to be a collection of Aesop stories they have the same tone spirit in them; I feel like a kid again when reading them and personally, as a kid I always LOVED Aesop stories and still do. The game does nothing new in terms of RPG stuff, but I consider the way in which the story background and world is so fully realized and so carefully and meticulously executed to be a defining feature. I compare this game to Phoenix Wright in terms of writing. However Phoenix is a very whimsical jokey kind of style the way the game envokes a poweful array of emotion was pretty unparalleled in my opinion. While Lost Odyssey is extremely serious and much more mature and I feel it Surpasses Phoenix Wright in writing. Something not easy for me to say since I regard PH as the top in videogames.

Im summarization This game has feelings. This game has words, lots of them. I'm probably a bitch. teleport.gif
The game is awesome so far,although i'm a little annoyed right now where i'm at and what i have to do,completly kills that part for me,which was one of the most emotional moment in a game ever but besides that,the game is fantastic.
You guys convinced me to give this game a shot, so I picked it up last night. Game rocks so far, the opening is totally buttrock.gif with a perfect transition from CG cutscene to an in-game battle. The "memories" story parts are presented in a cool way, and that comic-relief mage guy is awesome. I also like the ring battle system, keeps the fights from being completely boring menu stuff.

Crushinator Bargain Tip: This game is on sale at Target stores this week with a free $10 gift card, so its basically $50!
I'm on disk 3 now and it's getting really tense,some new ennemies are introduced and i love this game,even the kids aren't annoying,the voice acting is great,the way they set up the levelling up makes the random battles less annoying,the graphics in some area are absolutly beautiful,my only complaint are the numerous load screens(thank god they are not all as long as some reviewers said),there's a lot of loading and the framerate stuttering at the start of the battle,where they pan around and show your characters set-up and all...but besides that,this a RPG on par with some of the best Square/FF and PS2 JRPG.
QUOTE(Riel @ Feb 23 2008, 06:54 AM) *
my only complaint are the numerous load screens(thank god they are not all as long as some reviewers said),there's a lot of loading and the framerate stuttering at the start of the battle,where they pan around and show your characters set-up and all...

I haven't had any loading problems at all, its super fast. Maybe you xbox is telling you something? :( crash.gif
The game is essentially Final Fantasy 12 if it were made by the original FF creator. I picked it up myself a few days ago. It has all the classic FF character driven elements and maintains a more traditional combat system. Gameplay can be a little rough around the edges at times (not refined well enough; has stupid mini games elements that do nothing).
You guys are making me want this game now. I think I need to wait until I get some money though.
and now for my very late thoughts! I think it's definately a solid RPG. The concept of the story is very intriguing; "What would it be like to live forever?". I think that the dreams are a great piece to the game, and all are very well written. Some are boring as sin, but the ones I like, I really get into and I read through in no time. Too many random battles, that shit drives me nuts when i'm going back to places my level far surpasses, and I can't run right through.

The characters are all very endearing, except for Jansen however. Jansen annoys me to no end. I feel like the discs are all very short. I'm 35 hours in, and i'm already nearly finished with the game. I'm cutting this short because i'm headed out, but all in all, those complaints aside, it's a good game worth playing through.
Did you start disk 4 Wiryu? that's when all the secondary side missions start and some are good to link as much skills as you can to your Immortals...i winded up with 70 hours plus at the end of the game and had 28 slots for my 4 Immortals.
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