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So has anyone picked up Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney yet? I just got it today and I've been playing the hell out of it. I'm on the 2nd case so Far and I'm totally in love. Whoever does the translation for the Ace Attorney games never ceases to amaze me.

"A G ain't a G till he does hard time Boiiiiiiiiiii!"
"My panties are a magical vortex that can hold anything!"

and I still haven't gone to trial yet!

The first case was pretty amazing as well, literally turns the whole case upside down. and on a Sidenote, I love Trucy Wright.

rappy-walk.gif:Edit Videos added to hype the game.
Yea whoever is in charge of the localization of the game does a great job. There were a few grammatical errors in the previous games though. Not like it really mattered.
I'm trying to refrain from advancing any farther until I get through "Justice for All" and "Trials and Tribulations". The first game already got me hooked.
Also, it was good to hear some music from the first game. I would also like to note that the judge here has a sense of humor when you present wrong evidence. I'm not sure if thats in the 2nd and 3rd game.
Vitamin D
It's good to have a new game in the Ace Attorney series to play again. These games are amazing, and so far Apollo is no different. I'm gonna be sad when I finish it but man... it feels great to get that court drama fix. The writing, story and characters seem to be still as solid as ever. I have no doubt this game will end on an epic note like the previous 3 did (the last case for Justice for All is probably my favorite). Anyway, I love you Capcom, truly. megaman-run.gif

"Oh really, Orly?"
So I just beat the game. Powerful...Powerful stuff! I can't wait for the next installment in the series!

I give it 5 Guitar solos out of 5
guitarist.gif guitarist.gif guitarist.gif guitarist.gif guitarist.gif

I love this new world they've set up.

Edit: Lmao
I'm on the start of the third case right now. I love the game, though it still bugs me the direction phoenix took. I don't think the whole thing 7 years ago was his fault (Dunno yet) but that card in the first case? double you tee ef?
Everything is explained in the 4th chapter. Trust me, its pretty crazy.
Vitamin D
Hahaha that's dope as hell man! shades.gif
Vitamin D
Finished the game minutes ago. Holy. Shit. What an incredible finale this game has. It summed everything up while still allowing there to be more for a sequel. Out of all the last trials, this one was the most... "unique" (and may indeed be my favorite now). Saying anything on it would spoil it, but suffice to say it'll throw you for several loops, and end just as nicely as the other games did.

Stated simply, this game rocks. I can't wait for the next game haha.
Just finished it! My review is a little mixed at the conclusion. I'll start off with the characters, in which I go ahead and say by the close, i'm totally ok with the cast change. Apollo and Trucy really bring in a fresh fresh new wave of humor to the bunch. Trucy tops previous sidekick Maya, Ema blows gumshoe out of the water (He was funny, but Ema is funny too, and more pleasant to look at) and Apollo is just a good replacement at the moment. He doesn't top Phoenix for me (Who still has the best "Objection!") but i'm ok with it because he still takes a pretty prominent role in the series, and will likely continue to do so unless they kill him off. (Which they could very well do in the next game or two.)

Achtung! Klavier was no Godot or edgeworth, but he still didn't totally suck as someone on the opposing side. I was worried he'd be a total dork, but they pulled off his character pretty well. I particularly liked him in the last chapter of the last case. I am still ok with the idea of a new prosecuting attorney in the next game.

Now then, story and gameplay! The story didn't seem as strong to me as some of the previous titles. To this day Case 5 of the first game remains my favorite case. Chapter 3 seemed to have a lot of holes by the end. How did Daryan get in contact with Tobaye to begin with? How did Daryan wrestle the gun from the bodyguard? When did Daryan knock out Tobaye and put him on the platform? Why did Tobaye need the money so desperately? to name a few.

The last case was building up to be so damn crazy! I was getting all psyched for the judicial part, and couldn't wait to see the suspenseful end to the trial! When it was all, "Pick dood!" I was a little disappointed. I also didn't feel like Kristoph was as masterful as previous final case accused. He was put to rest very quickly it felt, and what was up with that travel back in time and to the present? It was cool and all, but it gave off a very different feel for me as far as your typical investigation part goes. Speaking of the investigation, more forensic science mini games next time! I myself was particularly fond of the footprint thing! :D

The music, as always was superb.

My last complaint was the lack of previous character involvement in some way shape or form, but i'm sure we havn't seen the last of them. I would like to think that there is some form of closure on that somewhere.

All and all the game however was solid. it might sound like i'm putting it down, but when it comes to it, the story was still very well written, the music was great, the character were was just an overall great game, with some new added specs for the sake of fun.

4/5 megamans for capcom on another job well done!

megaman-run.gif megaman-run.gif megaman-run.gif megaman-run.gif
Just finished the game.

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