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Full Version: How gaming tainted my young life.
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Vitamin D
I've been gaming since I was 5 years old, and haven't really stopped since haha. Through the 18 or so years of gaming, I've had some funny memories of things that were directly related to my gaming experiences. I thought I'd share a few and perhaps add more later, but I hope you guys can get a good chuckle from them too.

Conquest and Genocide

In middle school I had this Social Studies class and I don't remember much of anything about it...except for two things. One day the teacher had asked if anyone knew what a "conquest" was. Me, being the Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest ace that I was, confidently answered. I was clever enough to know that "Kong Quest" was a play on this word, so there's no way I could have been wrong. I'm not sure exactly what I said, but it was something to the tune of "a great adventure filled with many obstacles". My teacher of course let me down easy. In the same class, but a different day, another word came up. She asked if anyone new what genocide was. Now THIS time I had to be right. After all, I played Street Fighter Alpha and new that one of Sagat's super moves was "Tiger Genocide". So naturally I answered that it was a "combo attack with great power" or something similar. I wish I could remember my teacher's reaction, I bet it was priceless.


Skip ahead a couple years to Highschool. This class was a History class taught by one of my favorite teachers ever to this day. Anyway, there's no open embarrassment this time around only the light bulb coming on during a video.. let me explain. I remember reading an EGM where the game of the month was this game called Dragon Force. After reading the reviews I was all like "I HAVE to buy this game!" Kinda hard to do so when you're young and jobless, and the only money you DO get is daily lunch money. Luckily, a cool older brother got tired of me raving about this game and eventually picked it up before me, SWEET. In this game there's an option to melee. I didn't know what it meant... but I knew that when I chose it my troops would go buck wild and kill everything and me as the commander could do nothing to stop them. In the History class we watched a video on the Dark Ages and if you've seen Home Improvement, the guy hosting it was Al on Tool time, which was LOL in itself. Within the video Al explained this tactic often used where the troops just went straight into battle and killed each other and whoever won, won. He explained it was called the "Melee" (and pronounced it correctly for me). To which I thought to myself, "LOL it's like Dragon Force". The more you know...

Those are just a couple funny stories I remembered, I laughed out loud when I thought of them, and I thought I'd share part of my... unique youth days with you all. I have a few more I think I'll put here but I think this is good for now. Feel free to comment on them, or leave some funny similar stories of your own here. Melee! mario.gif
I can think of a time it worked for my benefit! Having played Asherons Call for oh 3 or 4 years, I learned the meaning of the word "encumbered" at a young age. At some point in middle school I was taking an evaluation test, and the tester was completely astonished that I knew the meaning of the word. Mr. Serious stopped the test for a whole of ten minutes to talk to me about the game that I had learned one word from.
I don't recall doing anything like that, but when I was 11, I really started getting into RPGs. I was in 5th grade and my teachers were so impressed that I had a reading level that was post-high school. I wasn't big into books, so to this day I still attribute that to playing Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.
I don't have any funny stories liek that. Well... At least to me they weren't funny. I remember when Mortal Kombat I was in the 2nd grade. I had a little business going where I draw pictures of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and sell them. Kids woould buy them, color them say they drew them w/e. My brothers had a subscription to some Game Magazine and in it they had the list on how to do the Fatalities in Mortal Kombat. I got the idea to copy them on paper and sell them in school during lunch along with my Jurassic Park pic. One day me and some fifth grade got into an altercation where I cut him in line at lunch. So he told my homeroom teacher about my little business and I was forced to give all the money back. I didn't even get anything in return.

Another one I remember was in the 7th grade. Someone saw my blackbook one day in school and decided to look through it. They liked my DBZ drawings and asked if they could buy some. I was like lol K. Then a bunch of kids starting asking me for DBZ shit and I little by little I put everyone in that school on Dragonball. I had DragonBall GT for PS1 and I really liked the game. But my brothers didn't like it and where looking to sell it. So I bring to school one day to show it off before they sell it and next thing I know. I sell the game for 80 bucks! LOL (wait I guess that was pretty funny)
Way to squash the entrepreneurial spirit there. What a lame teacher making you refund all that money. You weren't doing anything questionable, just making an honest buck. There's no need to argue, teachers just don't understand that gaming is an expensive hobby, and saving up allowance money by cutting grass etc ain't cuttin' it no more.
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