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So I've recently started using Netflix and I'm enjoying the service so far. I got the 3 dvd unlimited rental plan. I was originally gonna post a quick blurb about a particular movie I rented but then i thought maybe this would be a good way for us to give movie recommendations to each other as I now find myself asking alot of people for recommendations.

Anyway, for my first rental my movies of choice we're

Enemy at The Gates
Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

Enemy at the Gates: Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. I thought it was gonna be a pretty intense sniper war film. But I just wasn't really feeling it. Its suppose to be based off of the Legendary Russian Sniper Vasily Zaytsev. In actuality this movie is a trap. Its a love story in the guise of a WWII movie so that chicks can get guys to watch them. The love triangle that goes on is somewhat interesting. My overall rating of the movie is a 3 out of 5 but I rated it a 4 out of 5 on netflix cause I thought the opening sniper part was pretty cool.

Snatch: Written-Directed by Guy Ritchie. I freaking love this movie. I had already seen this movie when it came out on DVD, but I wanted to see it again because I thought it was sweet. What I most loved about this film are the Darren Aronofsky style transition moments. Not only that but the use of irony and such a colorful set of memorable characters its like a British version of Pulp Fiction. My favorite character in the movie is a Toss up between Turkish and Brick Top. I gave this a 5 out of 5. Good action, good humor, good story.

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Written-Directed by Guy Ritchie. Another Guy Ritchie film however this was his major debut film. Snatch was green lighted thanks to the success of this film. It laid out the formula for Snatch, seedy underbelly UK crime world, colorful characters, coincidence and irony turning the main characters unfortunate predicament into a positive one. If I had to make only one recommendation from the 3 films I saw it would it would definitely be this one. i thought it was funnier then Snatch and I thought the ending was a bit more ambiguous leaving it up to the audiences imagination. I also thought that the denouement was more satisfying then Snatch.

Well so thats 3 recommended films. what about you doods? at-emote2.gif

Next in Que
Seven Samurai
The Kingdom
Smokin' Aces.
Well Finally done with my last batch. This week I review
The Kingdom
Smokin Aces
Seven Samurai (The 1956 movie, not the animu)

The Kingdom - Directed by Peter Berg. This movie is set in the present day post 9/11 era. Some Terrorist start some shit and we want "justice". The movie started out pretty good but lost its pacing in the middle. Actually Most of the movie felt like an intro up intill the final climax where the shit really hits the fan. What particularly impressed me was how the movie was able to tell the story without being biased. The final comment in the movie really brings it home too. "were gonna kill'em all." I give it a 4 out of 5.

Smoking Aces-Directed and written by some asshole named Joe Carnahan. This movie should called Smokin Asshole becuase its the biggest peice of shit I've ever seen since Spider-man . The movie starts off like it was gonna be a Quinten Tarintino Flick. Then the movie starts building you up for some intense crazy shoot out which fucking takes forever to get to, then when it does get to the momemt its shit. The only good moment was some dood getting fucking blasted by 50 Cal. sniper rifle. The movie tries so hard to be funny but its not. The parts that I did find funny where totally not ment to be funny. The plot is fucking asenine and its just shit. All the good guys die. The badguys who arent even cool somehow survive. Its totally fail. Avoid this movie at all cost. 1 out of 5

Seven Samurai Directed by Akira Kurosawa Holy shit this movie is fucking long almost 3 hours and a half.Its about a farmihng village in the mountain. While gathering supplies one day a villager happens to overhear a group of bandits plan on raiding the town when the fields have been harvested. The villagers decide to ask the village elder and he suggest they try to hire samurai. A task which proves to be near impossible somehow they manage to get gather together 7 samurai. A real great cast of characters. The movie
starts off slow but its very effective in getting you attached to each of the characters. The final action sequence was surprisngly satisfying for its crude execution and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the flick. I gave it a 3 out of 5 becuase the slow pacing of it would most certainly put several people off but my own personal rating for it is a 4 out of 5.

Next Que

The Corpse Bride
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Blood Diamonds.

Saw "the Kingdom" when it was in theaters. I thought it was pretty good, too. The initial terrorist attack scene was pretty jaw dropping and awesome, but the downside for me was it made the rest of the movie (aside from the last 20 mins or so) seem to drag by comparison.
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