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Full Version: Why howdy
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Well what's up? Rogue is a friend of mine, and I heard you
guys were recruiting and whatnot, so here I am, n00b in all
his glory.

I've played PSO since V1, and play EPI&II right now, just a
laidback PSO gamer.

Oh, and I know a couple of familiar faces around here. I'm
sure a couple of you (mainly IVI and Wave Serpent) vaguely
remember a Lt. Sid on V2, which was me. ;)

Anyway, it's Rogues fault I'm here. beigebigrazz.gif So, yeah, I'm done
jabberin'. /me waves hi to all the people here
That post looks like it was rehearsed beigelaugh.gif Retehi is my best friend. He's really cool. I'm sure you guys will just love him beigebigrazz.gif
Hey Sarge fancy seeing you here beigesmile.gif

Good to see you're having a look around, make yourself at home.
hey, long time no see sid welcome to the board
hey there! LTNS Indeed.

firmiliar faces are allways welcome. I see no problem with you joining the great legacy that is AT beigebiggrin.gif

--Sav, Arch Magus of the Tribe (Formerly IVI:P)
Thanks for the nice welcome guys, good to know some of ya'
guys I knew still are around. beigesmile.gif

*Makes him self at home and gets crumbs all over the couch*
Sorry, I'm a goofball. beigelaugh.gif
Hiya & welcome aboard. beigebiggrin.gif
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