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The Maximum Attack event from Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is back and will be coming to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, PC, and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system servers on April 25! In order to participate in this event, you must have the Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus expansion.

Data uncovered on the mystery planet Rykros is encrypted within a battle simulation of unknown origin. The GUARDIANS have been tasked to enter the virtual world contained in this ancient artifact to combat swarms of creatures and unlock the data. The forest, caves, and mine stages from PSO are back, and you might just run into some familiar heroes.

We will be keeping track of the total number of creatures each GUARDIAN helps defeat, and limited prizes can be acquired through luck, speed, or perseverance. Everyone will have to work together to reach the 100 million creature goal, and other rewards for all participating players will be unlocked throughout the event.
I guess I should try this, seeing as I haven't even got to play on the oldschool areas from the expansion yet beigelaugh.gif
Yeah, I may give this a go, not sure yet though.

Get your got dang computer already AC. crash.gif
Word. I just renewed yesterday.
Vitamin D
Been pretty active with PSU this whole while, so I'm down haha. Hope this event turns out well. levelup.png
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Mar 30 2008, 02:11 PM) *
I haven't even got to play on the oldschool areas from the expansion yet beigelaugh.gif

Well caves, mines, and ruins aren't even available until this event. Forest wasn't supposed to be but our event schedule is all screwed up compared to the japanese one.

I haven't played PSU since December, dunno if I'll renew for this.
I think I still have a subscription going because I did the 6 month thing when the expansion came out... wait maybe it just expired this month? beigelaugh.gif
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