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Full Version: COD4 maps delayed?
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The 10th?!? Other sources are still saying the 3rd though... who to believe?

Well, its not that big of a delay. Gives me time to improve my skills since some dude made me cry on XBL yesterday =(

Off topic: Yo Dive, some of the images are broken when doing a reply on the Universe theme.
Not like that fag was any better.

Maybe this is some kind of late April fools frank.
Yeah seriously, him giving donkey shit when he was the worst player in the whole goddamn game that round.

Reported from Kotaku

Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Back On For This Week. Good news, map pack fans. Infinity Ward will be doing its damnedest to bring you your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map fix this week, not the next, as reported yesterday. The official blog writes that gamers should expect to see the map quartet invade Xbox Live late Thursday or early Friday. Huzzah!

Also: Fuck yeah the russian Village

The stage is gonna be a total sniper fest much like Overgrown and the TV station is gonna be the shit. I'm just a little sad that they didn't crowd the inside of the TV station as much and make the Village nighttime, I want more use of Nightvision goggles damit.
That was awesome, LETS DEW DIS tonight. guitarist.gif

I have an extra 25" TV i'll send you if you pay for the shipping.
lmfao My father just owned me.

So I'm carrying the TV out the house getting ready to leave it out for Trash pick up when my father stops me all like, wtf u doin???
I explain to him that the TV is borked and won't turn on again, so he's all like lolololol nub lemme see it.
So we hook it up and he starts fucking around with the buttons then says to me , I no wat da problem iz its not turning on. beigesleep.gif
Next thing I know he's banging the shit out of it. At this point I sigh dejectedly and go into the kitchen to get a drink of Cran-Raspberry.
I come back to the operation area and the fucking TV is on. I'm like wtf wat u do??? He's all like I jus hit it a cuple timez. I saw dem do something like dat in a movie I saw on the Sci-fi channel.

So anyways, I'm getting off of work around 12:30ish tonight. Gentlemen, tonight we dine in WAAAGH!

Crush try and get Jaycryme on too!
Hahaha, good deal man. I have to work early tomorrow, so I can only play till about midnight my time (2 am EST).
As of this posting maps are up now. Downloading now. 15% complete. strappy.gif
The new maps are awesome. Broadcast is my favorite.
I just gotta cosign, these new maps are the shit. Creek is sick as hell!
Damn gotta wait for pc version. I wonder if they going to charge on pc. Because we got the create a map tools. PC gamers used to getting this kinda stuff for free. Can't really complain though, we got the Winter/Christmas version of Crash.
My thoughts on the map.

First off Chinatown
Best fucking search and Destroy map ever. This map reminds me of District but with a lot more close combat areas. All the window areas and top down cover areas/ambush areas are great. and just like District, depending on where the fight is made, it can be a long/mid range fight or /close short distance fight

Fucking hueg map. I love the main center room. You get some great firefights going on in there and lots of cover. It usually comes down to just headshot kills. However the room with the windows looking down mess it up when someone from either team comes in and starts taking the kills. Outside area is set-up for nice fights too, but you hardly get those. People like going to the outside roof area too much. which is somewhat good since most of the stage is indoors it would make air stikes and choppers pointless. Cool map type for any mode.

Another olol xbox is hueg map. I love doing team Deathmatch on this map since 75% of the time majority of people are snipers. Which in turn makes deathmatch last longer. Map was wonderfully made though so that you can very easily get the drop on people who aren't aware of their surroundings.

I've yet to play this map on the game modes but my take on it from messing around in a game i made, a combination of Shipment and wetwork.Two maps I don't particularly excel at. I would imagine it would be a good cage match map though. Seems perfect for headquarters as well.
Oh snap yeah, I forgot about killhouse. What mode does it show up in?
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