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Setting the beta up is a bit more complicated than I would like. Here's some protips:

First, you need to go to "Account Management" to put in the beta access key to download it. Once its downloaded, install it and then you need to download an update. You can do HTTP or Torrent, either way is slow as shit, so the patch will take like an hour or so. The torrent worked better for me, but YMMV.

After thats done then you need to set up a Konami ID here:

And then a game ID within the game.

(The Konami registration page is slow/wonky as shit, and I'm still trying to get it to register my ID as of this post...)

Post your ID's so we can get linked up!

PSN ID: MrCrushin
Konami ID: crushin914
Game ID: crushmichael
LOL @ Man cannon. A couple of those stages are totally from Metal Gear Solid 3.
I thought you where the only dood on the Beta crush. \(~0_o)/
Wiryu is on it too... and... who else has a PS3? Riel? Alisha? Scan?
I am indeed in on this!

PSN: Wiryu
Konami ID: at-wiryu00
Game ID: at-wiryu

the rest later. So hey, this goes live on monday right?
FINALLY after much fucking strife I got the Konami ID registered. crash.gif

Apparently you need to fill out each page of the form in less than 2 seconds or else the page will time out. I suggest using "autoformer" plugin for firefox to do the job for you.
lmfao I've been following the hilarity from the Kotaku News posts. This shit makes The Nintendo Internet service look like Xboxlive.
Yeah, its ridiculous man. I hope that for the final game they just ditch this Konami Id bullshit. There's no reason for it since you already have the PSN ID.

Playstation Network. Free online play. You get what you pay for!

Its supposedly up now, but I can't connect to the servers crash.gif
Vitamin D
Hahaha OWNED. "Did you rike it?"
Tried a little late to get a code from IGN(insider) but even then i was too late...

Well it's a beta on a free online service so yeah patient people hehe ;) hopefully you can sneak in a few impressions if the NDA isn't too strict ;P when it does start.
Something to ease the pain...

1.2 patch is up for download. Get it now before we (hopefully) play tomorrow!

EDIT: Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit its up now and I'm stuck at work :(
It's pretty kickass, but there's some training to be done for sure. Loving it. ;)
I think its alright. The controls are a little whack, need a LOT of juking and jiving in the options menu to make it feel right, for me anyways. And the PS3 controller sucks a dick for aiming with the analog sticks.

I can't figure out wtf is going on with the "auto aim" function either, and you gotta press like a 3 button sequence to get into first person mode.

The graphics are nothing special, the maps seem like hi-res MGS3 levels with bump mapping, and the characters are standard next gen stuff. The animations seem the same as MGS3, and the first-person gun/hand models aren't super detailed. Also the game seems to dip framerate a lot when you point towards a "high action" area. Not necessarily that there's a lot of action on screen either, but like say I look at a building where a firefight is going on and then the game takes a noticeable hit on FPS. Seems like its about 30 FPS normally and then dips to the mid to low 20's. Of course this is all MGO-specific and beta software so I don't want to say this indicates how the single-player game graphics will be.

The enhanced vision goggles are really cool, and the barrel is pretty funny. Also, it seems stupid that you can't make more than one character on the beta, and I can't figure out how to remove a customization (helmet for example) after i tried it on just to see how it looked... Also... what is the fucking point of all those konami/game id bullshit... when in the game you only use your character name, and THAT is the name you add to friends lists? Not PSN, not Konami, not Game ID... just your fuckin' character name! crash.gif
My review of the MGO experience goes a LITTLE different than crush. Maybe i'm just really into the game, but I don't actually notice any frame dips, and as far as the PS3 controller goes, it wasn't really awkward at all to me. I overshoot on occasion, but the same could be said for when I play 360 games. ;)

Character details really are just standard next gen, and maps are nothing fantastic, but given that this is a beta, i'm not expecting final product material here. All and all i'm having a great time with it, and after it's fairly quick learning curve, I believe there comes something to look forward with this! beigesmile.gif

A downer is they only give out 4 game options that were already in 3. I want to be Snaaaake! Soon enough!

EDIT: Balls to all that name information man. I agree with crush, stupid to have us do all that shit.
Alright, I finally have some free time, gonna start up MGO tonight. Anyone else down to play?
I'm down, My in game charcters names is Breaker. My PSN ID is AC9Bizzle.

Send me a message on AIM and I'll see whats up. Also I thought I sent you a friend request on PSN Crush, y u no asept???
Haha, I always forget to check the PS3 dashboard before I jump into the game. I just accepted yours a few minutes ago. I'm downloading the patches and setting up the game now... wtf is up with them only allowing 1 character slot for free, then you gotta pay for more?

What is this, Final Fantasy 11? crash.gif

Man online interface is fucking horrible. Can't join peeps midgame. I guess next time we gotta plan out our game so we can all meet up and then just have randoms join us.
Some GGs tonight. Even with the rabid-PS3 fanboys and the asswipes banning me from OUR OWN SERVER.

Someone needs to buy a cheapo used PS3 to run a dedicated MGS4 ATHQ server. buttrock.gif
Vitamin D
Haha yeah good times. It's fun for sure, but yeah, playing with friends is more of a chore than it needs to be. Oh well though, I still had a blast. beigelaugh.gif

Edit: Oh, and it was BADASS when I was chasing Crush and the dude on his team CQC'd me out of nowhere. GGS indeed haha.
Yeah that banning part was a fuck up on my part, lol. Shows how good of a mod I am! The sneaking missions, Team Deathmatch, and Kerotan missions are the shit.

During this one part, I had taken some doods ID as snake and was working on the 2nd. But then the red team got the drop on me. I CQC the dood closest to me and used him as a meat shield as I took down one of the guys. Then I almost had crush but he went around some car I was standing next to and got me with a head shot.

At least its cool that you can send someone a message and it will send them some kind of notification. So that should make setting up games that much more easier. It'll be sweet once we get more peeps on this. I still got like 10 hours of play time before i can make the AT PMC group. :(
Is there a way to unlock/buy more clothing options for your guy? Its kinda lame how you are stuck with what you choose at the start.
New mode added today, "Team Sneaking Mission"

Sounds pretty interesting.
Did anyone try to download the GENE Expansion pack last night? Apparently there have been some problems. But this seems par for the course with Konami's online service beigerolleyes.gif

GENE Expansion page for more info on the actual expansion.
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