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Full Version: The World Ends With You
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Vitamin D
It should be no secret by now that I download a good amount of games. It's quite rare that I buy DS and PS2 game because I can get them for free (The last DS game I bought was Apollo Justice btw haha). This game, The World Ends With You, is one such game that I will for sure buy. Let me tell you why that is.

I finished this game about an hour ago, and I can truly say that this is one of the best games, handheld or otherwise, that I have ever played. My previous discussion of the game was based on a couple hours of play, but now that I've experiences its initial play through (it has New Game +, and you can choose which Chapter to play on for extra bonuses), I can say that this is definitely a game that DS owners should pick up tomorrow (or Wednesday, whatever haha). The first thing you'll notice is how amazingly well the game presents itself.

There are few RPGs that take on a contemporary setting (the most recent being Persona 3), and it's definitely nice when they attempt something different. The game takes place in present day Sibuya District, Tokyo. When you're playing you definitely get a vibe of what it would be like to be there. The crowds, the music, the buildings, its a nice setting for sure, and it looks great on the DS. The graphics are a highly stylistic and easy on the eyes. The graphics do a perfect job of bringing the setting and characters to life. The graphics go great with the awesome soundtrack too. Featuring a mix of Hip Hop, Rock, J Pop, Techno, and probably some other genres that I don't know the proper name for haha. It has a Jet Set Radio feel and it goes perfectly with the bustling city setting. Now with all that said, this is indeed an RPG, so a good story is expected. The World Ends With You certainly delivers.

The story for the game is amazing. The story starts out running and really doesn't stop until the conclusion. The game is split into 3 parts, and each part has 7 days. Each day you learn something new about the story, and its fascinating how well thought the story is. Add to it an incredibly diverse set of characters, and it's hard not to like what you get here. Character development is strong in this game, NONE of the characters are what they seem at the outset, and the more you learn about them, the more attached you become to them. When you're not moving the story along, there's a lot of unique gameplay to experience. I don't want to say all the things you can do in the game because it really would spoil the experience (like how huge a roll the pins and clothes you wear can effect things...), but rest assured the great story is accompanied with lots of different things to do. Which of course includes an incredibly awesome battle system.

This is for sure a game that could only be made for the DS, it uses all of its functions, and well. In combat, you could be furiously scratching, tapping, circling. dragging, slashing, blowing on, and even yelling into the mic (a good thing I played this game in mostly private situations haha). And that's just the touch screen. In combat, you control two characters at once. The top screen uses the D Pad (or XBYA for lefties), and there are three different characters that occupy the top screen throughout the story, all with similar, but clearly different ways to play them. If however the task of doing so many things at once is daunting, you can choose to have the computer control the top screen if you need to focus on the bottom. It's fast it's fun, and the different type of psychic attacks you can do with your pins offer a lot of customization. I guarantee that no 2 people will play the same way. Throughout the story you gain access to the difficulty levels, and you can change them around whenever you want (different difficulty levels yield different enemy drops, along with of course the enemies varying in strength) so if you're getting your ass kicked you can tone things down if you choose. Even better still, you can choose when you want to fight, except for of course fights tied to an event and boss fights.

The bottom line is this, If you own a DS you owe it to yourself to get this game. It's got hours of gameplay, an excellent story, a fun battle system, lots of things to do and it's visually and aurally brilliant. I'll note again that I don't have to buy this game, but I'm going get my own copy anyway. A game of this quality I can't ignore, and neither should you. And please excuse the lack of organization, I don't do this often at all haha.
TL, DR. But this game looks tight and I'm definetly picking it up tomorrow.
if it made you write all that out it's definitely gotta be good!
100% sure to pick it up now.
Alrighty D, given that your taste is generally pretty on par with my own when it comes to RPG's, i'll go ahead and check this out. ;)
So I picked up the game when I went to get GTA4. Been playing it on the side and I'm really loving it. I wasn't feeling the main character Neku at first, he came off as a dick but now I really like him. I just got past the first 7 days and now the game has its teeth sunk into me. Really good so far, can't wait to play some more. The music is fucking sweet.
Finally got around to beating the game. Pretty good, I give it a solid 7.5 Some things have me curious, what was Rymes, entry fee? Miniamimoto kicked my ass in taboo form. Then got his ass kicked by Joshua, who in turned got semi assimilated by The dood with shades. wat? The music is great I love it, and the animation was all welll done. Story was pretty interesting as well, better then I had expected.

The battle system was somewhat annoying, Two screen thing felt rather gimmicky and I think the game overall suffered from it. Annoying fetching quests where annoying. "Help me find my mic!" I didn't feel very interesting running around in circles to solve puzzzles to progress, it felt more like tedious. Anyway GGS overall.
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