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Full Version: Iron Man
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Kicked ass. Now I'm not a fan of the Spider Man movies. But I thought the 2nd one was the best super hero flick made. Until now. Iron Man is my favorite. Its just so cool and entertaining.

And when you see it you gotta stay after the credits. One of the most awesome, and unexpected things I have ever seen. So funny and great, you will jump out your seat clapping.
Damn you people and your GTA4. My friend that went to movie with me, did not want to hang afterwards. Because him and his buddies at Game Crazy laid out a Liberty City map and said "We going hit up and here, and do this." Everybody I know is freakin ghost now.
beigelaugh.gif yeah it seems like the whole world is playing this. Now when I go on XBL there's an average of at least 15 of my friends online all playing GTA4. The last time I can remember EVERYONE on my XBL friends list playing the same game was Bioshock. Game of the Year: CONFIRMED guitarist.gif
2 posts in the wrong thread, for shame.
Didn't we already have an Iron Man movie thread, too? beigeconfused.gif untitled-2.gif beigeconfused.gif
I've actually been looking forward to this movie. Gonna go take my nieces and catch a matinée this weekend. The demo for the ga,e on XBL seem pretty good too.
Vitamin D
I saw this Saturday afternoon, it was pretty damn tight haha. I think Downey Jr. did a fantastic job in the movie, and I can't wait to see Howard in the War Machine armor next movie (it's inevitable). The one I saw had trailers for Hellboy, Batman, and Hulk too. All of which look awesome, but Batman in particular looked amazing. Looks like a great summer for Super Hero Movies. And yeah, stay after the credits to get a glimpse of Mothafuckin' Samuel L Fury Mothafucka! I was like "oh shit!" beigelaugh.gif
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ May 5 2008, 10:56 AM) *
I've actually been looking forward to this movie. Gonna go take my nieces and catch a matinée this weekend. The demo for the ga,e on XBL seem pretty good too.

I dunno about the game man, I had trouble keeping Iron Man from plowing into the ground while I flew around. I also wish there was some variety in the QTEs for when you take down the helicopters, tanks, etc. The animation and button you have to press is always the same beigesigh.gif
I don't think I can play another video game that isn't GTA IV. I'll make exceptions for MGS4.
QUOTE(Knightsword @ May 5 2008, 10:03 AM) *
2 posts in the wrong thread, for shame.

Haha. Well my point in posting about GTA4 was I am surpised most you have not seen Iron Man yet. But I know it has to be because of your beloved GTA4. My friend almost skipped out on it because he wanted to play GTA4. After the movie was over he went straight home to play.
Just got back from this, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I agree that Downey Jr. did a great job as Tony Stark. I just hope he doesn't get drugged up again between now and the sequel (we all know that it's inevitable).
Agreed, Downey Jr. made a great Tony Stark. I also read that Robert Downey Jr. will make a guest appearance in the upcoming hulk movie as Tony Stark. They're tying shit together finally, in preparation for the upcoming Avengers movie in the future.
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