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OMG! I just saw that and came here as quick as I could to post about it. You beat me to it. Hahaha. I saw it was like "what is this? Its freakishly cool whatever it is." LMAO. And that list at the end hypes it further. What is a man dart? I want to know!
Looks interesting. Maybe there will finally be a 4th Wii game worthy of my purchase?
New trailer, has a serious "Running Man" vibe, which I dig.


Soundtrack preview. Apparently its a preorder exclusive to Europe and Australia, though :(
IGN's review is up:

9.5 Presentation
Absolutely stunning presentation headlined by amazingly stylized graphics and audio. The look is bold, the commentary hilarious. Great story, too. Lacks leader board and online options.
9.5 Graphics
Drop-dead gorgeous art style that's altogether new to the videogame arena and great tech to back it up. Characters and locales constantly wow and the rivers of blood never looked better.
9.0 Sound
Had it not been for some repetitive in-game dialog, we'd have given this a perfect score. The punchy sound effects, hilarious commentary and awesome soundtrack all come together brilliantly.
8.5 Gameplay
Not just blood and guts. Great, smart gameplay controls and hilariously gross mid-level challenges all complemented by epic boss fights. Camera system, though, could use some tweaking.
7.0 Lasting Appeal
You'll blast through normal difficulty in five or six hours, which is short. But you can come back for the ridiculously challenging hard mode or two-player split-screen challenges.
Outstanding OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

Looks like this game is gonna be hot FIYAH. buttrock.gif
Yeah this game is badass. There's a huge variety on how you kill dudes and trying to combo everything together is a blast.
I agree, this game has really impressed me. I love how the game really doesn't hold back on language or violence, it really pushes the envelope in every regard.

The gameplay is fun as hell. Although the stages are a bit small, nothing more than glorified killing arenas. The progression for each level is Kill Kill Kill > Unlock Minigame > Kill Kill Kill > Unlock boss encounter, which might seem like it would get stale after a while. However Madworld does an excellent job of giving you a TON of variety in how you can excute the enemies, and rewards you with more points for how creatively you dispatch your foes. Since the minigame and boss goals (and weapon unlocks) are reached at certain point tiers, killing in a more cruel/cool/funny way gets you there faster than just lopping off heads.

The real shining points (not unlike fellow Wii game No More Heroes) are the creative boss fights and minigames. Usually I loathe Wiimote motion controls, but this game implements them in a way that's neither obtrusive or unintuitive. The majority of the game is played with just standard control stick and button controls, but for finishing movies, special QTE-type events, and dodging, you shake the remote and 'chuck in certain directions, following cues on screen.

Game rocks. Dust off your Wii and get it. I'm gonna try and finish it up before the show this weekend so we can talk about it in full.
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