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Full Version: Soul Calibur 4 stuffs
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theres not a whole i can talk to you guys about these days so i thought we could discuss SC4. i'm sure you already know about darth vadar and yoda but they have also done something similar to SC2 again. necrid was a character designed by guest artist todd mc farlane. they have done this again except with more than one guest artist.

Angol Fear is a character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Mine Yoshizaki. She weilds an odd staff with a large moon shaped ball at the end, though nothing about it is known as of yet.

Ashlotte is a bonus female charcater for the game Soulcalibur IV. She was designed by manga artist Ito Ōgure , noted for creating Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear. Her style is very gothic and is similar to other works by Ōgure. Her weapon appears to be a staff or spear of sorts, with a lance on one end and an axe-like blade on the other. Certain parts of her also seem to be robotic or clockwork.

adds some red hair and we have linka =P

Scheherazade is a new female character in Soulcalibur IV. She is depicted as elf as she has pointy ears and wields a rapier. Other than those, nothing else is known about this character. She is a bonus character, designed by Yutaka Izubuchi

Shura is a new female bonus character in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV. She appears to be tall, sporting leather armour and horned skull shoulder pad. She seems to have holsters for two katanas and two shorter blades, though it is as of yet unconfirmed how the four blades will be used in combat.

while not new amy also returns as a proper character as well as pretty much everybody from SC3 from what i can tell so far.

also the armor breaking system from soul edge is back and if you break all of someones armor off you can perform a sort of finishing move on them.

Scherezade can't be Linka because she doesn't have a MAD RACK.

Aside from the robot-looking girl these guest character designs suck. Especially that first one, because the in-game character has this shitty anime look which doesn't fit in at all with the other characters in SC4.

Every other character in SC4 has a realisitic look with lots of detail in the textures, clothing, geometry, etc. Then Angol Fear is this flat faced undetailed anime piece of shit. What the fuck? Its not like they couldn't re-interpret the original design into a SC-style that was more cohesive with the whole game.

Also, what the hell is with every new guest character being female. I love Ivy's tig ol' bitties as much as anyone, but SC is not a T&A game like DOAX, yet each of these guest character guys seems to come up with a female char when Namco asks them for a design? If they are going after manga artists to make these new guys, how about something from the artists of BERSERK, Fist of the North Star, or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? I'm sure they could come up with an awesome male character fitting into the world of SC. Better than "Ninja Girl... but she has 4 swords not 2. Also i drew these massive tits, and I put a skull on her to show she is a badass." at least. Gimme a break.
I like them all except for the screenshot Crush posted. But that is a good point I didn't even think about, all girls. To me, SC just seems like a better franchise than having to resort to animated jiggly boobs to sell the game, yet that seems to be what they are headed for in this one.

Although when you think about it, the last time around had all male guest characters.
I concur, new characters are shit except for Robot Goth goth chick, and 4 sword side boob hanging out her baggy as shirt female Mitsurugi chick. Either way it doesn't matter I'm sticking to my Siegfried/Knightmare, unless of course we get Darth Vader as DLC. Then I'm totally gonna fuck around with him. I wish they would have add Emperor Grevious. He's probably my favorite dood from the Star Wars universe. Did anyone here plan on getting special Edition Soul Calibur? I already got my junk paid off in full. It suppose to come with a XL white Yoda T-Shirt. ps3 gets Black XL Darth Vader. =(
I'm pretty sure I opted for the collector's 360 version, I need to stop in and check
Awesome vid showing off the armor break stuff Alisha was talking about. I just realized this game is gonna have a shitton of characters. I just hope they don't have too many like lol Tekken.

Vitamin D
Yeah Oh Great's design is the only one that really stands out to me. Still though, I'm looking forward to this game. It looks like there's going to be a lot of characters, and like AC, I'm concerned that there could be too many. It won't keep me from buying it though haha. ninja2.gif
i'm pretty much in agreement with you guys. but at least we will be able to create characters with those weapons that don't look stupid. in SC3 i made a character with voldos moves.
Are you insinuating that Voldo looks stupid? I beg to differ.

The proof is in the pudding.
Oshi- Return of the Ninja Mysteries? :O
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ May 30 2008, 01:41 PM) *
Oshi- Return of the Ninja Mysteries? :O

A true fan!
The character from "The Force: Unleashed" is also going to be in SC4. Just appeared in the latest trailer. He'll be in both versions.

Looks pretty cool. Now they just need to get some Darth Maul up in this bitch.
So whos up next Obi-Won or Luke?
That dude looks like a jackass. Anyway. . . Looking at recent videos the game is going to be awesome. I hope the game is closer to Soul Calibur 2 in design though than Soul Calibur 1 and 3.
"taht dode look liek jakass! (and tok liek npc)"

Baseless. Have you seen the trailers for the game he's in? He's a fucking bad ass.
I wes being facetious. I'm not talking about his fighting style or anything, but his stupid grin. LOL! It amuses me.
Critical fininishes for most of the characters

I think a lot of them seem to be either ridiculous or lazy; as in not much thought put in to it compared to other characters. Some are pretty freakin cool namely Yoda's, Siegfried's, and Hilde's. Or funny like Cassandra's, and the guy at the end of the video, Algo's. The voice acting is just as funny on some too. As far as the concept as a whole for having finishishers in Soul Calibur, my only opinion is it seems a ploy to reach a broader audience. I know it is going to be one of those things where noobs are going to keep going for those finishers every time. Cinematic deathmoves. . . Reminds of Eternal Champions for Sega CD
From what I understand (from the 1up your podcast) the finishers are only possible if your opponent is turtling and leaves themself open like a total noob.

Even someone who knows the basics of blocking/dodging/guard impacts shouldn't get hit by them.
Yeah the finishers seem like they're be a real rare thing to see in a competative game. I think they said you also have to have their armor broken off as well.
So I've been playing all morning. Here are some of my First impressions.

First off I got the Special edition for 360. nice HUEG tin box. Comes with a comic, XL T-Shirt, and a tourney card a.k.a. a Poster. The Shirt looks pretty sweet, but it looks like if your not careful when you wash it the logo will come off and the shirt will shrink to smedium. Probably best if thrown in with your football/basketball jerseys. Comic is sweet as freaking hell. Overall I'm happy with the special Edition but its certainly not worth it if not a fan. Oh yeah forgot it comes with a promotional code that unlocks content in the game. Soul Calibur and Soul Edge items for Character customization. Nothing huge.

Onward to the game, sweet as hell. However I am dissapointed that Journey mode was replaced by Story mode. I don't remember too well if Soul Calbur 3 had this cause I only played it for a little bit but it seemed kinda the same. Yoda reminds me of a more direct fighter version of Link from Gamecube Soul calibur 2. A lot of hopping around and wierd attacks. He feels pretty sweet though. Character cuztomization is HUEG. You unlock more clothing as you beat story mode with more characters. You could could probably unlock stuff through the toower mode too which looks like a kind of survival mode, but I've yet to play it. I spent a shit load of time playing with create a character and oogling at Ivy's boobies. Maybe it just me but it seems like everyone in this game is using a lot of eyeliner as well. Anyway, combat is great and I'm really loving the new changes to Siegfried. Where as before he felt like a character he must always be in motion be need to be careful when moving foward it seems as if they designed this one to constantly be moving foward. Great part is that Knightmare plays totally different then him. Insanely offensive style I'm looking forward to practicing both. Anyway I needed some eats, had to run some errands and got work later.

Tomorrow I'm off, so if anyone wants to house it up on XBL drop me a message whenever I'm online.
"You got Vader mixed in with my choc... er 360"

P.S. yet another reason why the PS3 is nothing more then a Blu Ray player
Vitamin D
I've finally put this down after several hours of nonstop play haha. To sum it up, this game owns. There's plenty to do and it can be a little daunting to decide what to do next. It's a lot like Smash Bros was when it first came out in that respect. The Create a Soul mode is WAY improved over the last one. You have a lot more options and now you can even equip weapons and outfits that effect your stats. Online was fun too. You can set up a room with 4 people and just take turns beating each other up haha. The two waiting get to watch and talk trash and the winner stays, though im sure there's a way to change that if necessary. Lastly, the guest characters are indeed clones of other characters. I have them all except that Angol chick. They are exact clones of Amy, Cervantes, Astaroth, Nightmare, and Seung Mina respectively. Other than that, this game is mad fun. Pick it up for sure.
heres a video review

i didnt know this game was out yet O_o

hilde's alt costume looks great!

*goes out to buy the game now*
Lol, way to drop the ball, Alisha. We've all been playing the game all week.
Tower of Lost Souls :Ascending - items Guide

1f - Soldier's Hat, clear stage while taking no damage
2f - Warrior Trousers, clear stage with no ring outs from either side
3f - Pauldron, switch with ally more than 2 times
4f - Warlord's Belt, perform 3 attack throws
5f - Clergy Clothes, defeated an enemy with a ring out
6f - Wonder Jacket, threw an opponent
7f - Warrior Trousers, cleared the stage without missing any attacks
8f - Armor Ring: Ice Mirror, switch characters twice
9f - Scarlett Blossoms, guarded the opponent's attack 3 times in a row
10f - Silver Boots, guarded the opponent's attack 10 times in a row
11f - Grim Horn, defeated all enemies with a critical finish
12f - Magus Cloth, defeated all enemies with ring out
13f -Pegasus Sallet, destroy all the walls
14f - Phantom Pavilion: Seesaw, performed guard impact more than 3 times
15f - Submissions Belt, clear the stage using only the A and G buttons
16f - Warlord's Belt, clear the stage with 0 time remaining
17f - Arm Bandages, execute a 5+ combo
18f - Kouchu Kabuto, stood on all corners of the stage
19f - Longhua Qippo, switch with ally more than 5 times
20f - Life Gem: Sun, cleared the stage with a critical finish
21f - Longhua Qippo, voluntarily performed a ring out
22f - Honor boots, perform more than 4 counter hits
23f - Frilled skirt, guard more than 3 times in a row
24f - Protect Gem: Cardinal directions, Perform a combo with more than 240 damage
25f - Zhuque Changpao, threw more than 5 times
26f - Warthog Cuirass, executed a 10+ combo
27f - Iron Gauntlets, cleared the stage with no damage taken
28f - Aculeus Suit, opponent guarded a guard break attack at least twice
29f - Menghu Boots, switch with ally 5+ times
30f - Spirit Gem: Noniple Heads, clear stage without guarding
31f - Longming Qippo, perform 5+ Just Inputs
32f - Vane Mask, perform a low throw
33f - Battle dress, perform 3 attack throws
34f - Power Gem: warrior Princess, perform guard impact 3+ times
35f - Warthog Pauldrons, clear without switching
36f - Parlor Blouse, clear stage with 0 time remaining
37f - Siren's helm, defeat all enemies with critical finishes
38f - Gorgon Fauld, defeat all enemies with ring out
39f - Kingfisher Greaves, clear the stage without changing position
40f - Deer Head, execute a 5+ combo
41f - Minotaur, perform 5+ Just Inputs
42f - Demonic Gloves, clear the stage without letting opponents invoke a skill
43f - Repel Gem: Iron Shell, perform an over the back throw
44f - War Cloak, no ring outs either side
45f - Tiger Lily Kabuto, Defeat enemies without using any skills
46f - Butterfly salet, same as above
47f - Succubus Boots, throw 5 times
48f - Life Dem: Jade, Clear stage with a character equipped with the "invisible" skill
49f - Horns of Calamity, clear stage with no attacks missing
50f - Tiger Lily Breastplates, execute a 10+combo
51f - Tiger Lily Fauld, perform more than 4 counterhits
52f - Feathered Wings, clear stage with a critical finish
53f - Blade Ring: Demon Lord, defeat all enemies with a ring out
54f - Leviathan Pauldron, destroy all the walls
55f - Priestess Kimono, perform 3 attack throws
56f - Leviathan Burgonet, perform a combo with more than 240 damage
57f - Voodoo Armlets, voluntarily perform a ring out
58f - Tiger Pauldrons, defeat all enemies without any skills equipped
59f - Voodoo Greaves, guard an enemies attack 10 times in a row
60f - Voodoo Breastplate, clear the stage without switching characters

Got this Wednesday and I've been digging it. For some reason I can't send or receive game invites however.
Vitamin D
Wow...I'm actually on track to get 1000 achievement points haha. I just got hero King (Level 20 online) with a record of 66 wins and 24 losses. Yeah... I think I did pretty ok on that. :o Still need the Impact achievements, equipment, phoenix, critical finishes, and soul crush. Whew good times haha.
Namco announced what we all knew was coming. Vader/Yoda DLC will be going up in late October (on the Japan side, I'd expect the US release to shortly follow), $5 to get the "exclusive" character in your game on both PS3 and 360.

EDIT: We'll get the characters on the same day as Japan, October 23rd.
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