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Full Version: What's your theme song?
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Mine would have to be "I Want it All" by Queen.

As for without words, it would have to be Dark Prism from the Super Robot Wars games.
Man this is a tough one. I can think of a few that would fit pretty well. One of the first that comes to mind is "Time" by Pink Floyd. If I was a wrestler, my entrance theme would be "Barracuda" (I forget the artist). X-D
"You've Got the Touch" by Stan Bush as heard in Transformers: The Movie
Vitamin D
"Big Poppa" by the late great Notorious BIG of course...I mean, what else? beigelaugh.gif
"Desperado" by The Eagles.


I like the way Mute envisioned this so if I was a wrestler my entrance theme would be "It ain't like that" by Alice in Chains. buttrock.gif
The rap song Rey Mysterio Jr. did with Konan back in WCW.

Yay for vagueness. ._.
I see no one else pointed out that "Barracuda" was sung by Heart.
Mine would be.... Outlaw, by the Clipse I think.
hmmm, something that has a touch of spunk with a lively upbeat ~ ReMix: Magical Drop 3 'Drum 'n' J-pop' by Zeratul.. beigesmile.gif here is a link below:

Zeratul - Drum 'n' J-pop
this one is easy.
"Go with the Flow"
by Queens of the stone age.
QotSA rule, i saw em a couple of years back at readign Festival, in the UK (liek UK's big festival of the year, for rock music mainly, been goign there since i was like 10 now), altho the guitarist did seem to be in need of money, all that clothed him was his guitar, cunningly placed over his..... i'll go no further....

my themetune would probably be "you not me" by dream theater, or "trailblazers" by Hammerfall....
Nick novalis
Hey Nicky by Nicky S... who none of you have heard of... oh well :D
Well, it took me a while to reply to this one. I take my music pretty seriously, and so I put a lot of thought into this question. It's tough for me to pick just one song to be my theme song... it's easy to pick a song that would clearly illustrate a particular feeling or period of my life or whatever... not so easy to pick just one out of that bunch. Anyways....

My theme song is Lifting Shadows Off A Dream by Dream Theater, with a close second being The Mirror also by Dream Theater.

Either way, my wrestler intro would be the beginning of The Mirror. It rocks harshly. guitarist.gif
Angel of Enders
Hey Mute what's my theme song? I can't think of any.
QUOTE (Angel of Enders @ Jun 13 2003, 06:32 PM)
Hey Mute what's my theme song? I can't think of any.

Well, the first song that came to my mind is "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones. I think it fits you quite well. ;)
Nice replies to everyone.
I know about 75% of the tunes and I gives me a good audio impression of each of you.
If I were to give myself a theme song it would be
robotarm - by self contained unit <- that's me
That tune pretty much wraps me up in a nutshell, and hey, I like my own music. beigesmile.gif

-plug alert-
-/end plug alert-
Angel of Enders
After listening to it about 1000 times my new theme song is the Kikkoman Theme Song.
"My Jekyll Doesn't Hide" - Ozzy Osbourne


QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jun 9 2003, 08:14 PM)
this one is easy.
"Go with the Flow"
by Queens of the stone age.

beigebiggrin.gif Great song! There are soooo many to choose from...I'll go with Incubus: Warning I think...hehe.
Well since Bryn took "You got the touch" I'll have to go with "Dare to be Stupid" by good ol'Weird Al
lol Wierd Al is da man!
Maybe someone should rework "Dare to be Stupid" for the PSO set.

Put down that ChainSawd and listen to me!!

My own personal theme song....a very tough choice. I'll have to get back to you on it. I love "The Analog Kid" by has this timeless feel about it that I can't explain. Then again there's that awesome track by Ozzy Osbourne "Back on Earth" which always gives me shivers down me spine.

Curses!! Now I'll be thinking about this all week!! skullcross.gif:

--I was always partial to the first stage track of "Akumajou Dracula: The Rondo of Blood"....
Lately my theme song has been "Girl's Not Grey" by AFI. Once this song starts, I can't stop-a-rockin on PSO.
Oh my god A.F.I. is the shiznits. I just love their new single "the leaving song part 2". Everytime it comes on tv radio whatever, I just gotta pump up the volume to max intill the songs over. I gotta get that CD.

You and me both AC9, if only I weren't so horrible destitute! bash.gif
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