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Full Version: Dawn of War 2!
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Yesterday IGN got the scoop to the sequel to the incredibly awesome Warhammer 40k RTS game, Dawn of War 2.

Points of interest from the article.
  • Co-op Campaign Mode
  • Customizable Squad Leaders with unique personalities.
  • Loot Drop rewards for Completed Missions
  • Changes to reinforcement methods.
  • Changes in Death Penalties
  • Non-Linear Campaign advancement (Think Mass Effect)
  • Company of Heroes Gameplay addition (Destructable cover, units automatically seek cover when under fire)
  • Many RPG elements.

Information is still scarce as Relic doesn't wanna give away their ideas to to any sharks who plan on biting their style. *cough*blizzard*cough* In any event the wee bits of info that they have divulged certainly has my attention and I can only imagine what else will come.

Orbital Bombardment Suckerducks!

Now is that a fucking NOB? or is that a FUCKING NOB?

My Speculation.
Tyranids. Eldars are still gay. Orkz are fucking badass.
Dawn of War II will be to RTS genre what Half-Life 2 was to FPS Genre.
I'm gonna spend a lot of money on my new PC.

Looks cool. Sounds like they Warcraft-3-ized it a bit with the loot and customizable heroes.
Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit TYRANIDS CONFIRED FOR BRAWL! I mean DOW2
Oddies da Nerfed
Yeah in the e3 teaser they stopped the trailer at the view of space. Can't really mistake that for anything but a hive fleet. Few strat games have ever really stuck out as 'that fucking badass'. SC is obviously one, MAX I always loved, but relic has done such an amazing job with the 40k universe in DoW and from everything said sofar on DoW2 look to blow it all away.
Oddies da Nerfed
fap fap fap
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