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The spore demo got out a little early...

Download Link

And it is freakin rad! The creation is so intuitive, and even with the limited number of parts in the demo the number of creatures you can make is unlimited. I think the most fascinating thing is that no matter how you build your guy (one leg, 3 arms, 7 assholes) the game just "figures it out" and makes your bizarre creature "work".

You can test drive them, make him walk around, cry, attack, etc. The game also has built in screencap and video capture, and when you cap a vid it can automatically upload it to youtube!

Behold my first creation... the Crushasaurus!

This is some good, good shit. I will be messing with this demo quite a bit, and I'm totally hyped for the full game this fall.
Yeah the demo is pretty sweet in itself.
Here's mine:
I made a few, one is pretty NSFW

No you tubes just because I am lazy and cant be bothered waiting an hour for each one

My Siamese Lazy Twin

Claw Face

Mike Wizowski sans the damn horns

Kokopelli (for my partner)


oh and I forgot my little friends

QUOTE(omega71 @ Jun 15 2008, 06:40 PM) *


Annnnd... We have a winner! Thank you folks, its been great!
OK I recolored Donkeypunch and....and

A video!!!

Captn. Naked says hi.

JUSES CHRIST!!!! I'm laughing so fucking hard, I spat out my dinner! AHHH...

woo, hoss.
annnnndd here is Chockesondix

Hahahaha! Oh god, man Omega... you've won this game. Its already over. Hahahaha!
Thread closed.
Vitamin D
Holy shit hahahaha! beigelaugh.gif
OK this is my last "cock lulz" monster, I want to try a few other things that I will post when made..

This is Cockpuncher, he likes to...well punch his cock.

Also, I dont know if you guys know this, but the pngs that I am posting, you can save and put into your creaturs folder, and you can actually use them yourselves..I can make a full post with all of the pngs if you want, that way you can play around with all of the shit I made.

oh and this thread gets....

Sorry to make another "LOL" post, but the videos in this thread literally brought tears to my eyes from laughing... the dance music is now like porn music to me.
ok the full thing got released, and I made a new addition to the family..

Welcome aboard Otto Felatio

I will make a video of him later, but since the butt region is actually his head, its walks around pretty funny
So G4 did a thing today on spore, apparently like....everyone who's playing the game is just making monsters with their dicks out, or just a penis shaped monster, haha.

some of the videos!

Is this all people do in this game?! lmao
hah. I honestly didn't think to do anything like that... I must be getting old and unsexual.
Now that the thing is live and released, I have actually stopped making the sexual deviants or Spore..

Maxis can and has banned a metric buttload of people sharing the said monsters.

I like this game a bit too much so I just stopped making them.

I have made other things like these.

So the real game is out today, anyone else grab it? I'm installing it right now. buttrock.gif

My EA account for this game is Crushinator_AT.
I'm really enjoying this game, for my full impressions listen to AT podcast episode 4.

Some of the stuff I've made so far:

My race is the "Toadus Combaticus", BATTLETOADS BITCH!

Tribal stage:

Some of my buildings:


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