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Full Version: Completing all Final Fantasy games
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Right now I am trying to complete all Final Fantasy games, preferably in reserve chronological order. Due to certain circumstaces I have a ton of free time right now. Also not having a Xbox 360 or PS3 is not helping. I got the idea when I was picked up FFXII again a couple weeks ago and got really into playing it. So yeah I'm bored much. Goal is basically beat the game, beat all side bosses, and get most of the ultimate weapons.

I'm almost at 120 hours on FFXII. Need the last hunts and Omega Mark then I'm done.

For FFXI. I'm just going to get one job of my choice to level 75.

I started on FFX to give me something to work on when I'm bored of farming and leveling on FFXII. Almost 20 hours into it.

FFIX I could cheat and load my save file, since I did not get a lot of stuff at the end. But I think I will start from scratch.

FFVIII save file got erased way back. I had everything except beating Omega Weapon.

FFVII. I can't wait for this one. Hahaha. Save file was erased. Doh! I did everything except Barret's ultimate weapon, one of the master materia (fucked up on the train part), getting w-item, and maxing stats. I even maxed out the amount of gil and all the materia I owned. I can't remember my gameplay time. So long ago. LOL I have a friend of mine that maxed out the game clock.

Okay for the 16 and 8 bit FF games. Hmm I'm not that enthusiastic about playing them.

FFVI. I got it back then on SNES. If I can find my carteridge I got every single thing in the game. Not really looking forward to playing this again. I hate the first half of it, and the first parts of World of Ruin. Blehhhhh.

The other FF games I could never manage to play more than 3 hours. But ummm I'll try. The main thing I want to do is FF7-12. So I might supplement the first 6 games by picking a RPG at random from grab bag. Say I throw these games in a bag:

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy Tactics
Suikoden III
Rogue Galaxy
Valkyrie Profile 2

I'm also open to suggestions.

Yes I am bored.
You need to set up a webcam stream of you playing them, and then get people to donate money while you play. Like an AIDS marathon.

Donate the money to poor kids who don't have video games.

Why don't you start with the ones you've never played before? It'll probably be more fun to experience something new than retreading games you know inside out.
As for FFXI, getting one job to 75 is the furthest thing from actually "playing" the game. I think it will just make you end up hating it if you try to do that. You need to go through allt he story of the game (which is excellent and intriguing). I don't play the game anymore, but if you'd just like to get up to level 60 or so I'm sure I could help you go through the missions and quests that you need. Reactivating my character for a limited time to help out a fellow forum member would be no problem.

Either way, I'm telling you, just getting on FFXI with the plan to only level to 75 will be a headache and a chore.
Yeah, you'll basically fight lots of crabs, bees, and beetles till you reach the level cap. Not exactly "reliving the story". Like Tanshin said, the story missions are actually pretty interesting, but you need a crew to do it with.
Better yet just forget about 11. Considering all the work you need to do just so you can even consider doing them will take FOREVER, and even then you still need a shitload of people to do them.

(remembers Bastok 8-1)
We're in Gustav tunnel with like 40 people. Surrounded by a bunch of undead. After we kill our NM, someone catches a link. people's health start dropping and the undead aggro the low health. Then the whole stage is coming down on us.

Tanshin shouts EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF! and warps out. I pop my Emergency Macro, "Perfect Dodge" + "Flee" followed by shout #########(>'0')> Head for the Valkrum zone(which I didn't realize in my panic to gtfo that it was the farthest zone" Que Goblin crabs lizards ghosts and skeleton links Flee wears off. Make it back to the zone. I rest for a bit to recovery the health some of the Ghosts drained from me with their magic spells. Then some doods zones in and is like WTF DID U DO?? I rezone to see what he was talking about and see a bunch of corpses who where too slow and unaware to make it to the zone. haha
everything up to rank 10 (but 5-1) can be duo'd or solo'd these days. The expansion packs still need some help. I still play as usual, because i'm a sucker.
Well yeah I was probably over enthusiastic with the FF11 thing. I want to include it somehow, and I been thinking about coming back to it to try out the new jobs. And what gave me hope though was I been read a lot of stuff can be soloed now. And I have a ton of guides bookmarked for soloing.

Back in the day I got to level 50 with white mage in 2 weeks (easy to find pts). Then I just leveled cooking to max, then sat around all day making and selling insect paste. But account is history now.

Also, this "project" is how ever long it takes. Like I said got nothing but time right now.

Awesome idea Crush! Maybe I will do a round 2 or something when I can get all the equipment to set that up.
Doing the Zilart missions isn't as bad especially if you have some lv75 friends around. In fact I got Sky just yesterday with the help of a couple friends. Chains of Promathia is the real bitch, though it does have a cool story to it. However, you have to progress through several level capped areas along the way. Within the past couple years, they have dumbed that down by removing the exp penalties from the BC fights and making it so you can buy certain items on the AH that were once Rare/EX. I'm on 4-2 of CoP right now. Haven't gone to fight the big dragon yet. Haven't done many of the Aht Urhgan or Wings missions yet though. My highest jobs right now are paladin at 75 and blue mage at 61.

I know I've ragged on this game quite a bit back in the day, but I've been enjoying it quite a bit the past few months.
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