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We're all on Vent yesterday testing some stuff out. I did some test recording and then later on the night...
AC and I hopped on Call of Duty while the others played some D2.

Everything is fine until the 360 started to make this loud humming noise. I passed it off as normal and continued to play.

A few games later we back out to the lobby to invite one of my friends. The game freezes. No big deal, this happened before on GTA when we blew up like 10 cars at once with me on top of it all.

I turn it off and back on again. The 360 loads up fine then it freezes at the dashboard.

At this point I was thinking "oh shit no."

So I reboot the 360 again and it flashed the red rings in my face, blinding me in the process.

I later found out that it was the DVD drive that died. I hasn't even been a year yet and I get this shit. Then it occurred to me that I made fun of Wiryu on Vent about his RROD last night.

Oddies da Nerfed
I believe the proper term in this case is 'fuckowned'.
Shitty stuff though.

LOL oh damn, that one got me good.

You should draw all kinds of weird junk on your Xbox before sending it in, see what happens.
Vitamin D
Hahaha those pictures own, but the PROD does not. bash.gif That sucks man, I'll know not to make fun of Wiryu now. >_>
beigelaugh.gif I laughed, then I cried. beigelaugh.gif

Were you able to get MS to take care of the repair for free? Everything should still be covered for you.

Yeah I just registered the system on xbox support site. It's still under warranty. I shot them a repair request this morning and I got a confirmation email shortly after. They're sending me a box as of this post.
hahaha, karma sucks. sorry to hear about your xbocks, i feel your pain.
I had an issue with my Xbox 360 when i first got it at release. It was making that same grinding sound. I figured it was because I was playing Oblivion non-stop for hours on end, followed by my brother playing it non-stop right after. Eventually is started to cause my game to freeze up frequently, but I never got the red ring since I sent it back asap for repairs. It takes about 3-4 weeks for you to get everything back.

FYI, take out the Hard Drive before you send it to them.


That sucks though man. To make it even worst me and Dan where having problems trying to party that night as well and we kept on getting error messages.
My xbox has returned.
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