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Episode 1

In our very first episode
-Crushinator calls out a certain someone.
-We awkwardly introduce ourselves and discuss about a "mysterious" introduction.
-Talk about our current games.
-Touch on E3 (I guess?).
-Diablo 3 & "Colors"
-Debate on Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero: World Tour
-The upcoming Batman movie and Mr. Freeze.
-REAL TALK with AC9Breaker & Crushinator taking the stage.
-Failed attempt at word association.

Our very first podcast was pretty awesome. The quality is pretty crappy since we're on vent but all the fun is there.
We'll do another after E3.
A little shaky start, but I think we did pretty damn good.

Good talk. Real talk. AT talk.

Good job with the editing Donkey, tightening up the show and good music.

What does everyone think!?
Sweet moses that's how my mic sounds like? I need to order a better one then.

That was way awesome though, I hope we do it again sometime soon!
Dammit I fell asleep at like 6pm on accident. Sorry guys. I'll download this after I come home today.
Make this a news topic. Bryn, Dive, Woe, get on it!
What am I, chopped liver?!

Done. beigebigrazz.gif
That was really cool, you guys did a great job!

While great...
-We need to axe the word association segment. Sorry AC.
-REAL TALK segment stays.
-Not really necessary but if (some) you guys can, get headphones or headsets to avoid echoes. Either that or turn your speakers low enough so your mic doesn't pick it up.
-To have some sort of separation between segments, we need to have a brief pause in between segments. It only has be long enough for me to add segment intros. Maybe 3-5 seconds of silence max.

General outline as of right now:
-Introduction. We need to do it a few more times for people to associate our voices with our aliases. After that we can just do a simple introduction.
-Discuss general outline of the show.
-Current games we're playing and optional review and discussion. (need to think of a name for this segment)
-Open segment. It could be anything ranging from movies and news. I guess a general entertainment segment.

Any comments or suggestions?
Vitamin D
Yeah I need to adjust either how loud I talk or the settings for my mic. A good amount of things I said were LOUD. Though, I wish I could replicate the "constant bass" thing haha. Next time we're on I'll mess around with things and see if I can get a better quality sound. I'm sure the second one will run better, but overall I think it was pretty awesome. It's just a matter of organization really. For just going at it like we did, I think we did great. All in all, it was fun as hell to do. I look forward to doing future shows.
If you guys want an AT Radio style announcer for the intro, I can contact my voice guy and have him record some new phrases.

Here's an example if you are not familiar with the AT Radio promos.


~Edit: I added a link to this topic to the site navigation on the Portal. Maybe I can set up a custom page with all the episodes to download in the future.
hahaha, dive that is amazing!
Nah its cool, I thought the word association game ended up failing anyway. I don't think people really understood it and plus it works best when you have words already thought up instead of me just randomly coming up with words as we went along. I like the outline of this. Our first outline was very vague which didn't help much. This one seems much more concise while still leaving enough openness.

Also, I love the doods voice from the At Radio Promo's, if we did get him to do stuff for AT Podcast, that would be sweet.
Downloading now,i'll listen a little later after playing the Too Human demo....maybe you guys could try using Skype for better sound?
QUOTE(Riel @ Jul 14 2008, 07:55 AM) *
Downloading now,i'll listen a little later after playing the Too Human demo....maybe you guys could try using Skype for better sound?

Yeah I'm looking into that right now. We'll do a test run later on the week I guess.
Episode 2 is up. See first post.
We still need to somehow organize the episodes. Maybe a separate forum?
HEL YEH, seems like we got a lot better this time around we where definitely more focused althought we did deviate a bit during the E3 section and the entertainment section should have just been about Batman in general since thats what it turned out to be. Great job on the editing Donks, the addition to the intro sounded really natural. Awesome.
QUOTE(donkeybeatz @ Jul 24 2008, 02:58 AM) *
Episode 2 is up. See first post.
We still need to somehow organize the episodes. Maybe a separate forum?

It might work out better as a sub-forum. I'll add one to Meeting Room today when I have time.
I made a new post in the new subforum. You can download episode 2 there. Don't want to clutter up the news post.
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