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Full Version: Too Human demo.
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Heading off but i'll play this during the day and post some impressions...looking forward to this game a lot,even though they cut the co-op down to 2 instead of 4 players.After the disappointment that was KoF maybe we can play this when it rteleases in late August.
Sweet, i'll download this when i get home. buttrock.gif
I thought it was pretty good.Looks great,the cut scenes weren't that bad although some of the dialogue was a little generic for sure(a good day to die? hehe now where have i heard that before).The combat needs getting use to for sure but once you get familiar with the sliding and right stick action,it works pretty well,especially if you combine all that with rollling,ranged combat and juggling and the finishing moves and special attacks.It's actually deeper then the initial feeling of just pushing the right stick.

Plus the demo is almost 2 hours,if you do the extra stuff.My second play through was so much more fun when i knew how everything worked.On the other hand,some of the UI is pretty bad looking,although functional,on that i agree...the skill tree for example is rather ugly and the different tabs are a little laggy,especially since it seems you have to go in there often,i also wish backing out of them was a little faster.

There's also a trick to let you play with 2 other classes besides the Champion.The loot is what is great and reminded me of PSO or Diablo.Too bad they cut the co-op to 2 instead of 4 as well but this is still a must buy for me,just for the tons of loot and dungeon crawling aspect of it online.
Yeah, it seems pretty cool from the demo. I also got a real PSO vibe from the equipement gathering. Its like "Hell yeah a new saber, woo!"

Not the earth shattering game to end all games that Dennis Dyack might want it to be, but I think it will deliver as a fun hack'n'slash.
I thought it was pretty shitty considering how long the game has been in development and the hype its gotten. I agree its better then Kingdom under fire, but with all the Triple A games coming out soon, I'm not about to spend 60 bucks on an average or mediocre game.
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