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Full Version: Hiya. Remember me?
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Hail AT Tribe. The name's Kazicht, or Kaz for short beigebigrazz.gif

Anyway, HC recomended that I should sign up for this community seeing as I'm coming back to PSO after a few months hiatus. Now that summer has come along, I'm back and looking for a cool bunch of buddies to game with (Its unbelievably hard to find quality players in this game).
In the past I usually played alot with HC and actually I believe I've grouped up with some of the other members here too. Grenade and Alisha I believe. You two might not remember me under this name. My character name was RuiN back then.

Hmm, what else can I say for myself...
-Been playing PSO on and off since the DC version one days
-Former poster at PSOW
-Usually only play as HUmars (lol, I know many of yous look down on HUmars)
-I'm a good frend of HC82 in real life

Actually thats about all I can think there you have it :D
I'm looking forward to grouping with you all in the near future.
Greetings and welcome to the board Kaz. We usually meet up in Altair 5, lobby 7.
...(lol, I know many of yous look down on HUmars)

Not me, I actually just made a new Humar. evilking.gif
QUOTE (Dive @ Jun 10 2003, 04:16 AM)
[QUOTE]...(lol, I know many of yous look down on HUmars)

Hey, I have found out that it is not the HUmar to look down on, but the person that does not know how to play that HUmar correctly. The HUmar seems to be the most balanced HU and maybe character in the game...perfect for the avarage new player.

I am trying not to look at HUmars in such a bad way. I myself enjoy my FOnewearl and HUcast. HUcast is the only HU that I really would play, however, the new HUcaseal is starting to make me wonder. I might have to create one next.
We only look down on Humars if your name begins with a DBZ character and ends with random numbers(no offense to DBZ fans, just way too common).
Hello Kazicht.
As for the HUmar thing, yeah they are indeed getting a bad rap partly due to the fact they're too reliant on their bkb's, tsumkiris and double cannons.
Welcome aboard Kaz, stick around, have a beer, (dont spill any on the couch...) have a laugh or 2. *friendly but painful slap to the back*

Enjoy the stay!
Vitamin D
Hey there mang! Welcome, and remember one thing, it's OK to be a HUmar as long as your name is "Vitamin D" Afterall, "there can be only one." beigelaugh.gif naw I'm just messin. Don't let HUmar negativity get to ya. If you like your character, keep playing him. I've Been a HUmar since Ver.1, and that won't change anytime soon shades.gif welcome again. (Good) HUmars r0x0rz!
*waves* i'm new to these parts as well, but i'll say hi nonetheless ~ welcome to ATHQ.. beigesmile.gif if you favor HUmar, then more power to you; i'm a RAmarl person myself, RAmarls own me.. sniperer.gif
QUOTE (Kazicht @ Jun 10 2003, 05:53 AM)
Hmm, what else can I say for myself...
-Been playing PSO on and off since the DC version one days
-Former poster at PSOW

Oy, does that describe a good portion of us these days? ^.-
Anyhow, welcome to the ATHQ, Kaz. If you're looking for quality people, you've definately found the right place. I went on a personal search myself, and found my way to this forums. What can I say about it? Best decision I ever made. Look for us on Altair 5 lobby 7. ;-)
Oh and, we hope you like CMode. X-P
Hehe, thanks for the welcome everyone.

Yeah, guess I'm just a dedicated HUmar player.
And I've never owned a or even got to play with a BKB, J-Sword, or D. Cannon...seeing as I only use items I find or I know someone really did find. Sad huh?

Oh and, we hope you like CMode. X-P

lol, ofcorse...thats one of the reasons I joined...if I can't find myself a sweet sword, might as well earn one yeah? Hehe
hey there Kaz on behalf of ATHQ i bid you welcome,

dont let the humar negetivity get to ya, while we dont really look down upon the class, AT does look down upon bad players, who just happen to use humars most of the time... beigeroll.gif im sure we've all seen our share of scrubs playing other classes, sometimes even our favorite ones.

Clay (previously grenade)
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