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Full Version: The Force Unleashed and Too Human
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I downloaded the two of these to get a feel for what they're like, see how they go about, i'll start with Too Human. I had some issues with the controls and camera angles for Too Human, so I wasn't overly excited for it. Crush seems to like it, and says it's better with the camera pulled out, so i'm thinking i'll give it another shot before making my final impression, but if it ends the same way as my first impression, i'll wait for it to hit the discount bin with sonic the hedgehog and haze.

The force unleashed was pretty tight. It plays nicely with it's controls, it's got the same great sound we've learned to love throughout whatever representation of the story you've been involved with, and you're given a lot of options to do your killing, though honestly you're probably going to find yourself throwing shit or other people at people more than anything. Still, tossing a light saber into someones gut and filling their body with electricity is also quite entertaining. I can't explain why, but I get endless joy of charging up a kamehameforce blast and blowing lock down doors wide open, with unsuspecting, terrible aiming rebel/imperial troops on the other side just chillin.

one or both reviews may be enforced at the fact that I played them side by side and started playing the comparison game, but I feel pretty confident in the reviews for now!
Its not really fair to compare them side by side, because TFU is a pure action game, whereas Too Human is a hack-n-slash dungeon crawl with an action-game-lite combat system

I'll probably write up a more comprehensive review of Too Human this Sunday.
I thought they both sucked. They both have shitty cameras and the gameplay was enjoyable but didn't really captivate me. I didn't really give TFU enough time to really be solid on my opinion, but I thought the graphics weren't that impressive.
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