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Full Version: hello everyone ^^
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Nick novalis
Evening all, some of ya know me, some of ya dont, so Ill just quickly introduce myself

My name is.. Nick novalis king.gif
I lurve PSO tho I dont have PSOGC yet.. for certain reasons.. hangsmiley.gif

Anyways, just here to say hello

oh yeah and i help run a little legit commuity ^^

Anything else ya need ta know then? wassup.gif
Welcome to AT mate, and to avoid any confusion, I dragged Nick here to check the place out, i thought it was pretty cosy and stuff. Nick is co-founder of Intrinity, and the Era of Destiyn, alongside me on both of those, and in a trio as founders of Intrinity. I was speakign to him earlier on AIM, and mentioned the place, and he just propped along to see what all the fuss (in the good sense of fuss) was about.

Glad ya came mate, and if it's ok with everyone here, stay for a while, have a few cyber-drinks and get friendly with the locals (not THAT kind of friendly.... you sicko people).
lol, intense; another familiar face from times before ~ greetings, mr. novalis.. toast.gif it's been awhile since the days of Intrinity ~ welcome to ATHQ.. beigesmile.gif
Nick novalis
LOL well thanks for the warm welcome toast.gif

Yup and a lot has changed since then ^^ ah well nice to be here! beigeroll.gif
Heya, Nick. Welcome to ATHQ. =) Have some fun and enjoy your stay.

I hope you get PSO of the 'cube sometime soon! When you do, look us up for a game. =)
*Agent Smith voice* shades.gif
Ahhh yes, Mr. Novalis. I figured you'd pop in around here sooner or later. Pull up to the pub and have yourself a drink. Welcome to the ATHQ.
Now where have I seen that name before...? Of course! From DreamStation sometime in late 2001-early 2002. Welcome!
Welcome on behalf of ATHQ, thanks for checking us out, enjoy your stay beigesmile.gif

Hey Nick novalis, thanks for signing up, I know you will like it here.

You and Ozza have a great site at Intrinity, I have looked at it before. trophy.gif
Nick novalis
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Jun 10 2003, 07:44 PM)
Now where have I seen that name before...? Of course! From DreamStation sometime in late 2001-early 2002. Welcome!

beigebigeek.gif OMG you have one HELL of a memory!!!!!!

I wonder how that place is doing these days, I only posted for a short while heh

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