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Full Version: Too many fucking geocubes!
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I know we talked about Disgaea 3 in the podcast, but I wanna talk about it here. I picked it up pretty recently, and am chilling on the start of chapter 6, with mao around 60. It's got that good ol disgaea feeling to it, and i'm enjoying it muchly. Question though, I need stages to grind! what gives out the awesome expz?! Mao's heart isn't cutting it because it's too gd slow.
Chapter Seven Stage three. It called corpse eaters I think. When you first do the stage in the middle there is a 4x4 green panel area that is no entry with 3 different colored panels near your base panel. After you first beat this stage go back to see that th 4x4 area is now a 100%+ Exp area with 3x3 mushroom men there. They're about level 50-60ish so they should be good up intill level 170-200. After that the best spot to level will be in the Mansion of ordeals. I would suggest you try getting at least 3 guys to 200 with 4 more at a fairly decent level to get you ready for the mansion of ordeals. Also to unlock it since the approval rating is usually in the mid 30%.

Breaker Protip: Gather a few weapon innocents to help facilitate your grinding process. In particular, Managaer and staticians.

Manager increases the mana you get when you kill a monster.
Statician increase experience points gained when you kill a monster.

The Max is 300% meaning you can only get these innocent to level 300. These effects also stack. You can have a level 300 Manager on every piece of armor and your weapon quadrupling the effect. I at the moment only have one fully leveled manager and my thief is sitting at 70k+ of mana. I move the innocent to the main weapon of the character that I am leveling. If you put some guys in the Bully club where they steal mana and sit them next to whomever your leveling and has the manager innocents they will gain some great mana for doing nothing, making it easier to level weaker characters.

You won't see staticians intill you start doing reverse pirating to its recommended that your at a somewhat higher level then normal. I haven't been able to do it yet so I'm not sure on an estimate range but I would imagine it being quite tough since you generally have to be in the 20+ floors of the item world before you trigger such an event. However they will prove to be invaluable endgame. Allegedly you can level you character from level 1 to 5000 in a single turn if you've done all the necesscary prep work.
I was listening to the podcast on my ipod while riding my bike to school, and I gotta be honest... I actually stopped my bike to fast forward a bit, and breaker was still talking about it after some significant fast forwarding. And fuck zoo race.
the geo puzzles pissed me off in disgaea 2. i just want to pwn some dudes with flashy moves not solve puzzles =P
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