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Full Version: New layout?
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So i'm thinking that while we all got some personalities for the podcast, there's a more definitive way to bring them out? Right now we have a game, and we all talk about it, and I interrupt people. i'm thinking that from now on maybe we can treat things like out real talk segment. We each pick a game to review, and after review'e has finished, we can ask questions about it or add our impressions as well. I figure this gives listeners a chance to recognize our personalities a little better, as well as help organize shit. Thoughts?
Isn't that kinda how we're doing it now anyways? One person generally seems to have the major part of the review, then others who have played the game or have questions about it chime in and the discussion continues for the rest of the segment.

I like the "natural" flow we have on the show now. Keeping it too organized and restricted will take out the fun.
Umm how is that different from what we're doing now? I think keeping it loose will be better. No need to force it on them.

EDIT: ninja'd by crush
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