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Full Version: AT Podcast Episode 5 [09-29-08]
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In this episode:
-We're a serious podcast.
-The crew touch upon Megaman 9, Armored Core: For Answer, Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA, Tales of Vesperia, and Rock Band 2
-Including the AC9Breaker review of the Rock Band 3rd party mic, the Madcatz M.I.C.
-REAL TALK: Tanshin & The Candy Shop and more Crushinator work related stories.
-Crush? Crush? Cruuuuusshhhhhhhh!!

Vitamin D
WTF haha, that was random as hell. beigelaugh.gif Well I'm good Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. It's time to slay the Dragon!
Just got my schedule changed on me at work :| But on the plus side that makes me available every day this week.
Sunday is best for me as well.
Specifically after work. Sunday Im usually out by Midnight get home around 12:30EST. Monday Is my day off.
I also just got a schedule change, my days have shrank down to friday and saturday unless we do it relatively early. (10ish) :/
I can join in for once (if you guys want me to) if it happens on sunday! :D
QUOTE(tanshin @ Sep 24 2008, 01:10 PM) *
I can join in for once (if you guys want me to) if it happens on sunday! :D

That'll be awesome. You can be the token white guy if Wiryu can't make it Sunday haha.
Sunday sounds good for the most of us. So maybe Sunday?
I think sunday it is then! buttrock.gif
Episode 5 records tonight around 9-10PM ET. Be therererererererererere.
Episode is up. Check first post.
I'm not a big baby. :(

I'd love to have Tanshin join us more on the show also.
Jew man beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif beigelaugh.gif

Good stuff.
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