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Full Version: Nintendo TGS 2008 conference
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Pretty megaton nintendo conference just a few minutes ago.

New DS, the DSi.

  • 12% smaller, 2.6 millimeters thinner, GBA slot will be excluded. (lol guitar hero DS owned)
  • Both screens will be increased to 3.25 inches. It will include a camera and audio functionality.
  • The Nintendo DSi camera will contain 300,000 pixels. Both screens will be touch panels, and photographs should be able to be manipulated through the touch screen.
  • The pitch and playback speed of sound on the Nintendo DSi can be adjusted at will.
  • An SD memory card slot will be included. Photos taken will be able to be viewed through the Wii Photo Channel.
  • There will be on-board memory storage. Applications can be downloaded to the internal storage and selected.
  • You can take games you've downloaded to the DSi with you. Also, Wii Points will be renamed to become Nintendo Points.
  • The Nintendo DSi will come with a browser included.
  • DS Ware will be able to be downloaded from the Nintendo DSi Shop.
  • Titles will be placed into Free, 200, 500, and Premium (800) categories. DSi systems that connect by March, 2010 will receive 1000 Points as a gift.
System will launch November 1st, 2008 in Japan, and early next year elsewhere. Price is 18,900 yen (About $180).

Some key DS games announced: Mario & Luigi 3, Picross 3D, a new Final Fantasy:CC for both DS and Wii with connectivity.

Wii Software: Punch Out (fuck YES!), Sin & Punishment 2, Pikmin (not sure if this is a new sequel or just a remake with Wii controls)

Nintendo's site with video montages of the new DS and Wii lineup:
Updates and clarifications:

Only the bottom screen is touch. :(

Launching in the USA late next year, Nintendo still wants to sell through a lot of regular DS hardware.

Pikimin on Wii is just a re-release of the GC one with Wii controls (wtf? lameness Nintendo.)

Vitamin D
Well here's a reel of a lot of upcoming games. That's a hella lot haha. This is certainly better than their E3 show I'll say that much. Oh, and FUCK YEAH for Little Mac! buttrock.gif

What the hell is this? Sega has truly gone mad. How this even works is beyond me.

At least CAVE STORY is coming to Wiiware, best announcement ever
QUOTE(Ether @ Oct 4 2008, 12:21 AM) *
What the hell is this? Sega has truly gone mad. How this even works is beyond me.

At least CAVE STORY is coming to Wiiware, best announcement ever

I don't know but if all the music in the game sounds like that I might just pick it up!
I'll give it a chance since this is like Yuji Naka's first game since forever.
Oddies da Nerfed
That reminds me way too much of Track and Field + power pad.
think i'll finally pick up a DS. I've been waiting for the next gen hand held to come out from nintendo since the DS has been out for a while, but i might as well pick this one up. They'll probably release the DSII or something like a couple months after i buy this lol.
Terrible cam-footage of the Monster Hunter 3 Wii trailer.

none the less the new monster hunter looks sweet as hell! :D
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