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Full Version: So, about that Dragonball movie...
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Vitamin D
Was at PSO World and someone posted this. This is mostly for Tanshin, since we'll all see the trailer, we can confirm it's beyond awesome! By awesome, I mean incredibly awful.


I mean seriously... WTF?
wut? lol
Well! That was certainly something. Kinda at a loss for words here, haha.

Did Bulma use guns in the cartoon? I can't remember.
Yeah Bulma used a gun in the cartoon.

I hate they made it basically Dragonball High (school). I'm disappointed. Though I was never really a fan of the show even though I've watched, and familiar with, the whole series. And no Krillin. . . Yup they don't get it.

<---------------- Could of totally played Krillin
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