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So who's going to the midnight sale? I unfortunetly won't be able to go. The release date fell at the most inconvienant time for me. I have to work, I have a presentation to preseent the next day for my psych class, and I'm broke as shit. Paid my bills and had to take the car to the dealer to get the timing belt changed which ended up costing a few hundred bucks. =/ That's really the main reason though, I'm sure I would have gone even if I had the money, haha. Anyway, we gotta do co-op AT style.
I don't think there's anyone here going to the midnight launch. I know I won't be. I'll be busy this whole weekend. Plus I still gotta trade these dam guitar hero games.
Since I have to work the next day I'm not doing the midnight thing, I'd only get to play for like 30 mins by the time I got home. I'll just pick it up on my lunch break.

We have to do the Locust Horde mode though! 5 players co-op baby! sniperer.gif
So I went and picked it up today after class. Hoooooly Shit, this game is win. Made it to Act 3 Chapter 1 playing Split Screen Co-Op with my brother. Good times.
Noice, we gotta hit up Horde mode and rep AT tonight. sniperer.gif

THIS TRAIN IS ALWAYS ON TIME, BABY! WOO! *dives to the side*

Hell yeah, Horde mode is the shit. I had to stop to eat.
Beat the game a few mins ago, Hella awesome ride. A+ Will play again. I like how Dude Huge borrowed a page from Kojima with the ending.
How long would you say the campaign mode is?
I would say a good 9 hours plus. Of course this doesn't take into account that me and my brother played on Hardcore difficulty.
Yeeeh, just beat it about an hour ago. You're right, AC; the Brumak riding part on the last stage was totally reminiscent of Act 4 on MGS4 buttrock.gif

Awesome campaign mode, I can't wait to tackle it on Insane now.

Hey we need to do some Horde mode tomorrow for the contest. I want some 1080p TVs.

February 1 Annex
February 2 Submission
February 3 Execution
February 4 Horde
February 5 King of the Hill
February 6 Guardian
February 7 Warzone
February 8 Wingman
February 9 King of the Hill
February 10 Wingman
February 11 Wingman
February 12 Horde
February 13 Horde
I totally forgot about the contest. I let my cousins borrow Call of Duty 4 and gears 2 for Left 4 dead. =(
I'm down to spur-of-the-moment gameplay for a while due to school/studying/homework, and I definitely can't put in very many of those days. Not to mention I suck. If I participated, I would stand no chance against mother's basement-dwelling 30-ish year olds that will likely play for the entirety of each day.
I'll play in this contest. I'll be downloading the map packs I don't the Flashback Map Pack and the Combustible some time tomorrow or Friday. Be warned though, I'm pretty garbage at Gears. I really only games on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays mostly because I work graveyards. I stay up to around noon-ish and I'll even get on Live but I won't play any games.
IMHO beigesmile.gif

Combustible Maps packs are not worth the 800 points. I would skip it if your not a serious Gears 2 player and even then it's debatable. Flashback map pack is a good deal though, I'd pick that up.
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