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Full Version: Winter JRPG Deals
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Amazon has some pretty damn good deals on some RPGs right now (pre-orders too). Even by comparison to ebay, its cheaper in some case. But eBay has some other games beat on prices. Also Check out for some discounts as well. Local Boutiques can often times have good deals because they don't charge tax.

If anyone knows any other deals, post em up.

Current Prices

Last Remnant $59.99 ~ $56.99

Valkyria Chronicles $59.99

Eternal Poison $39.99

Persona 4 $39.99

Disgaea 3 $49.99

Infinite Undiscovery $39.99

Fallout 3 $59.99

Discounted Prices

Last Remnant $39.99 (CRAZY DISCOUNT if you pre-order. 20 bucks less!)

Valkyria Chronicles $49.99;pf_rd_i=468642

Eternal Poison $36.99;pf_rd_i=468642

Persona 4 $36.99;pf_rd_i=468642

Disgaea 3 $46.99

Infinite Undiscovery $33.00 (eBay average price with shipping)

Fallout 3 $56.99
Noice, I think i may have to bite on Valkyria and Last Remnant. Thanks for the heads up, HC! king.gif

EDIT: Ordrered beigelaugh.gif Used the "Free Amazon Prime 1-month trial" to get free 2 day shipping buttrock.gif
I have to say this now, if your on PS3 Valkyria Chronicles is a must. Solid game with a little something for everyone.
i already have eternal poison and will definately be getting persona 4. ill be picking up VC as well. Last Remnant looks nice but i don't know much about it.
ProTip: Last Remnant is pretty shitty. Good underlying concepts and systems marred by terrible voice acting, custscene animation, pacing, and techinical problems with the graphics and loading. The whole game feels like it was run by Square-Enix's B-team of game design interns.
Their A-Team gave us Chrono Trigger DS and that alone makes up for Last Remnant
So has anybody downloaded the new Valkyria Chonicles DLC yet? I downloaded all 3 and am totally digging it. First off Edy's Detachment; this mission gives more back story and fleshes out some of the more eccentric units in the game such as Jann the flaming homosexual, Homer the Masochist, Susie the pacifist, Marina the lone wolf sniper, Lyn the persecuted Darcsen, and Edy the tone deaf rising Superstar. The mission offers different endings for each Ranking grade you get and offers an interesting challenge for those who have already mastered the game by requiring players to secure an area while bombarded by mortar fire and endless enemy reinforcements.

Then there is the Behind Her Blue Flame missions which actually consists of four battle scenarios. Two of them being unlocked by meeting specific requirements in the two scenarios one can access regularly. A rank alone will not unlock these. For these scenarios you take the role of an Imperial soldier recently assigned to the voluptuous General Bless's unit. The unit is tasked with the storming of the Ghirland Citadel. As you fight beside General Selvania, her character is fleshed out even more and you are presented with a side of the character that is hardly presented in the main story. Completion of this DLC yields the reward of the Bruss, Selvania's trademark machine gun. The machine gun is equipable only by shocktroopers.

Finally EX Hard mode. This mode is not for the meek, masters of the Hard mode will be anxious to jump into this as Welkin is taken out of his tank and force to fight on foot. The option to give Orders is also taken away. However success in these mission will reward players with even more armaments.

The total for the DLC is 15 dollars with each package coming in at around 5 dollars a piece. For fans of the game it's definitely content well worth looking into.
Man, I haven't even got that game yet. The demo was fucking awesome. Ironically its price has dropped to 39.99, so now I think its a good time to pick it up.
Vitamin D
Oh snap! I'll have to download these when I get some extra cash. A mission with zomghugeboobs Selvaria? NOICE. And the others sound dope too, Jann is fabulous!
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