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Full Version: Chrono Trigger DS
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A bref overview.

The DS version of Chrono Trigger was released yesterday. Some places you get a bonus cd, others a poster. This version takes the best from both the SNES (speed/no loading/etc) and the PS1 (The animated cutsceens, music and monster libraries/etc) and adds DS upgrades.

First off you can choose to play it in classic mode which is just like the old CT you remember and the touch screen will just maps and info.

Then there is the DS mode, The top screen is the game sans menus and clutter and is on the touch screen instead, you can access each menu fuction by touch and use the stylus to move the characters. Yet unlike most stylus DS games you still retain the ability to control via the buttons as normal.

Graphics and sound are still the same though, but why change when theres no need too.
There is quite a lot of new stuff as well, a new ending, dungeon, and more.

If you have a DS and bearly even like JRPGS, this is one of the best and should be owned.
Yeah, the DS mode is great, I like that it doesn't force you do use the stylus to push the buttons. One thing that seems off to me is that the graphics are less vibrant than I remember from the SNES, like they muted the color pallete a bit.
Its prolly a side effect from the backlight
Vitamin D
Been playing it before today, but today's the day I bought a copy (put 2 and 2 together haha). I'm in love all over again. The DS version is the definitive version of CT by FAR. Like it's been mentioned, the ability to choose whether or not you use the touch controls is an awesome choice on SE's part. The game shows why it's still the king of the JRPG world even 13 years after its release, and I suggest that all DS owners pick up a copy. Though be wary of the infamous "Square-Enix Tax." =/ And if you haven't played the game for whatever reason, then you have to pick this up to see what all the fuss is about. You won't be disappointed.

Finally, Crush mentioned it, the graphics do indeed seem scaled down from how they looked on the SNES back in the day, which admittedly is disappointing. It's not so bad that you can't play it, but it takes some getting used to. Anyway, go buy it. buttrock.gif
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