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Full Version: StarCraft Ghost
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wow.. beigebigeek.gif this game looks really good; being a StarCraft zealot, i can appreciate the levels of detail incorporated into this title.. & the good news, it's for all platforms (i may choose GC for this one..). beigesmile.gif here are 3 links - be sure to check out the trailer if you haven't already, it's worthy.. ^.-

The Magic Box - StarCraft Ghost
Star Ghost
Blizzard - StarCraft Ghost

i'm starting to like Ghost lots - she's cool & serious, a survivor; the kind of cyber-fem that could give Samus a run for her money.. this one's definitely on the hit list for the collection - enjoy.. =)

edit - typo.. ;p
Very HU/RAcaseal-ish
Great info! I must be living in a cave, because I havent heard a peep about this game.

I really enjoyed Starcraft (although I never played online), and it will be interesting to see this interpretation. The team up of Capcom & Blizzard should make for an incredible game.

And, yes, this Nova-Ghost character looks thoroughly uber-badass-cool. ^ ^
QUOTE (Bryn @ Jun 12 2003, 06:48 PM)
The team up of Capcom & Blizzard should make for an incredible game.

Wow, I didn't realize the two were collaborating on this project. I thought I heard somewheres that it was severely delayed tho. =/ In any case, the screens on that game look awesome. I'm a big Blizzard games fan, so I'll definately check this one out when it finally comes. ^-^
I LOVE StarCraft do death, I love the entire universe of it (I like the mini parodies of Starship Troopers, and Aliens through various missions in the game) I'm still really hyped about this game ever since I heard about it a long while ago.

I know nothin is stoppin me from gettin it.. even if it is slated for 2004... *groan*

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Damn, I can't wait to frag Lurkers up close. beigebigeek.gif
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