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Full Version: Metal Gear!? GEARS OF WAH!?
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I think this website pretty much confirms we'll be seeing a Metal gear game on the 360. It was inevitable what with the huge install rate here in the states. The speculation now is, will it be a port or a new project!? I'm excited.

beigelaugh.gif Oh Kojima, you cad, you.

Hopefully this means we can actually get some decent MGO games going too, with... y'know... people with mics?

EDIT: the i + ! could also mean like... an iphone or wii or DSi version of Metal Gear AC!D though... To which I say "boo-urns."
Kojima really likes to fuck with us.

But yeah, I saw that and came to the conclusion too it might be a Wii or DSi Metal Gear. Maybe a 3D remake of the original Metal Gear. Which could be boss. Just no Umbrella Chronicals shit please.
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