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Full Version: Hey You!
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What's going on AT? I joined AT a long time ago from a recommendation from AC9Breaker but never made a single post. Well, most people know me as Midicronica from the PSO-World or the not-so-famous I've been listening to Apocalypse Tribe's podcasts a lot lately and I've enjoyed them quite a bit. You guys seem like a pretty cool group of guys, so I decided to finally make a post. I still play PSU but not nearly as much as I used to due to Sega's shitty support for the servers but you find me almost any day on Xbox Live. Drop me a friend request, my gamertag is in my sig.
Welcome to ATHQ mang.

HEL YEH mang. Glad to see you here. Hope you enjoy you time here as much as I do.
Vitamin D
Cool man, welcome to AT. Any fan of Terry Bogard is friend of mine haha. levelup.png
Ahh what's up man, good to see you make an intro post finally, enjoy the stay!

You're from LA too? Weird!
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